Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ever since I used these little cables on a project about a year back, I just keep adding them to new things. They're so easy! These will be socks for a friend, whose birthday was this week. To celebrate, she threw a party in one of the luxury boxes at Fenway, and we all got to go to a game. I thought about making these Red Sox, but she's a blue girl, so below, blue socks in the making. I'm alternating ribs and every 4th row, baby cables.

Also in the works, Grumperina's Shifting Sands scarf pattern. I found this on Ravelry and love it. The scarf is for Craig, and the yarn is an amazing alpaca we got at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool. He picked it up and told me, "you know... I don't have any scarves that match my black coat." (Really, what doesn't match a black coat?) It's a deep bluish gray, with lots of heathering in it. Guess it'll match black. Either way, I took it as an excuse to knit with the amazing alpaca and score some points...

Better get going. It's September.


Batty said...

Lovely cables! I love the intense color, very striking.

And that wool is beautiful too. Shifting Sands Scarf, huh? Manly pattern, and a wonderful manly yarn. I'll have to remember that.

Carol said...

The yarn for the scarf is gorgeous! Looks like you've done a lot too.