Saturday, September 15, 2007

Like this!

My LYS asked me to write up Zoe's button band hat pattern so they can sell it! I'm knitting up another hat and writing as I go. It's a great way to do the pattern writing exercise, since I can change the few things that bugged me on the first go-round and I have two hats to compare gauge and sizing and stuff with.

I was planning to post the pattern on here, but since I stand a chance of at least recouping the cost of the yarn, I'll wait till it's no longer available at The Knitting Room . I should have it done next week and there for sale. (I love this variegated Hacho merino. Soooo soft. I'll be glad when it's done being on display and I get it to keep! )

Next, I can get back to my design project #2 - the Kohl's inspired adult hat. Jackie said she may be interested in that one too, if it comes out OK, so again, I don't see that I'll be paying the rent but, if I can do it, why not? I bailed on the discontinued Debbie Bliss Merino for some Sublime she has for sale and am ready to get into that next.

And....remember this? It's about done and it's gorgeous. Many kudos to Grumperina for a really simple but amazing pattern. No photo, but that's because the photo cord is two floors below me and I'm not walking down there again. You know the drill. I've gotten barbies, I've gotten pretzels, I've answered the phone, and I've done a few loads of laundry. But did I once grab anything useful to me? Nope. So take a look at this photo and imagine it much bigger.

And lastly on the pattern front, I'm plugging along on one more thing. I submitted something to somewhere (for the first time ever!) and I know chances it'll be published are slim to none, but i actually took the time to write it up and submit, so I'm glad to have accomplished a few real solid things - one week into my free/school time. If they turn it down, you'll see it here soon enough! Must figure out how to work that sidebar....

For some real self indulgent excitement, as soon as I'm done with those things,

I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding a venue for the hat pattern! It's a real cutie and should sell well.

Can you believe I somehow didn't know about Drops? Do you have any idea how many pages I've just printed out? Tut-tut, you are an evil influence.

Batty said...

I love that pattern! And the green-ish hat looks a bit like dragon scales reflecting light, very pretty.

colleen said...

I love that hat! Congratulations on publishing the pattern.

Carol said...

That will be a great jacket! And the scarf is looking fab. You should steal it if C doesn't want it.

I've cast on the something about something over here and have got a couple inches in.