Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm working on writing down some actual knittable design directions. Its taking a bit, especially since it's the first week back at school for one daughter, not so much for the other. I figure I should do something a little more productive than just straight knitting this year, so designing I will try....

Cruising around on Ravelry and looking at what's out there, I realize I've come up with a few things from scratch myself - problem is I never wrote things down in complete re-knittable form. I'm apparently big on notes, not so much full commentary.

For those of you who know me, that's probably surprising. (Why yes, I CAN edit myself...)

So anyways, I've been going back and playing with my stuff and I've also been working on some new items, while painstakingly taking down gauge, needle size and directions. Soon, I hope to post some free patterns on the blog for you guys to use .

These pics aren't the only ones I'm going back to, but they are the ones whose photos were most easily posted. (Would you want directions to make them, though?) I'm thinking a few adult items as well. My current socks, a cool funky hat, and my Summer Soho sweater if I can reconstruct those directions.... Anyways, stay tuned!


Carol said...

The little halter tops (pictured and the daisy one) are fab patterns! Yes to getting something written up. [Can you send me the sock pattern in Word or something? Can't open the file you sent.]