Sunday, October 07, 2007

One of my favorite things about living in SF (and there were many...) was KFOG's acoustic Sunday morning show. Some coffee, the back deck, the paper and some cool, low key music.

These days, Sunday mornings are a lot different. But not today, because Boston's 92.9 has a similar program on. And today, Craig took the girls to Target to run a bunch of errands.
I've got my coffee, my music, my PJs and my woofy socks on. Guests just left after a few nights stay. Laundry going and the dishwasher's on. Life is good, yes?
So here's Juliet, who's about to get some love. She's eating yarn up at an alarming rate. Am hoping I'll have enough so she's not a halter. We'll see how it goes. Guess that's the risk when you use unlabled stash yarn from a while back, right?
So...later blogfolk , I'm not gonna waste another minute of my serene little morning on the computer. The chaos will start again soon enough. (Especially since we have a big Oktoberfest party to attend this afternoon with about 40 little kids running around.)


Anonymous said...

Mix 98.5 does an acoustic program on Sunday morning from 7-10. Here's the info:
I hope you have enough yarn...