Monday, October 01, 2007

This one, designed by Sarah Hope of whatifknits. I made it for Maya.
She's quite the hippie child and this crochet like texture was soooo up her alley. I've actually been eyeing the pattern for a while, but I always imagined I'd be making it for me. Soon. Or, maybe I'll make another for that Barbie in the background, she could use some serious hair taming.
All my other knitting seems have been swallowed by my new tendency towards
obsessive pattern design.
Above is my latest creative endeavor, fueled yesterday afternoon by wheat thins and - yes, a cocktail! (I've hidden all the detail. I promise it's not a plain white thing) It was a gorgeous day on the patio for humans and barbies alike. I wasn't sure I'd get myself to go to the Booksmith in the first place, but when Craig brought out two rum and cokes with lime, I was in for the afternoon! What a day it was - what, in the 60s?

I promise this is the last hat for now - I have a scarf going next. Staying with accessories for now avoids all that heavy sizing math. However, I'm thinking I'll finish and post these three little lovelies and let them sit for a while.

I have some existing sweaters that I've been wanting to get to, and this new OCD behavior (three weeks = three pattterns here, one out in the world being rejected or accepted, and another in the works) is getting in the way, so the next design project is going on hold for now.

Instead, Juliet, here I come!

PS. Look on the sidebar. Two PDFs!


Gayle said...

Can't wait to knit "Woven"!

Carol said...

Found the perfect spare ball of yarn for a SC hat. Thanks for all the patterns and inspiration!