Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is the original idea and these are the buttons that sent me on my hat pattern binge. Those who know me well always mock my OCD tendencies, and once again, I've stopped denying and am left looking sheepish.
(But sheepish with a clean house, organized desk and alphabetized sock drawer, right?)

I am also sheepish and happy because I have the perfect hat to wear this winter. I love the Sublime Merino, I love these vintage buttons, and I have something simple, classy and appropriate to match my two new vintage 1950s coats!
(Another obsession we won't delve into here, but they are so cool. One has a fur collar...)

Here I am, once again in Maya's room, sqatting among the groovy girls and borrowing her mirror. It appears to be smudged with strawberry glitter lip gloss. Lovely. And Neptune is balanced exactly on my head like a giant space pom pom, also lovely.
I must buy my own mirror....

Any of my longtime blog fans (my Mom - or maybe Annie?), might recognize an old knit in here with the planets - the Jo Sharp Diamond Vest. (I wore it for the first time yesterday and love love love it. Make one out of Debbie Bliss DK Merino and you won't be sad.)
So there you are, three hats in a series. I'm moving onto a scarf now, and a few sweaters, and a couple of baby gifts. I'm also eyeing the green yarn. Turns out it's DK weight. Must rethink the pattern. I thought it would be a Tree Jacket, but that's not going to work now. I do have the right yarn, but it's deep purple again, so I may hold off and take a color break first.
In the meantime, I'm eagerly awaiting some finished hats! I see a few queues in Ravelry and know a few copies have walked out of the Knitting Room. Who's got 'em? I never knew designing patterns would keep me on the edge of my seat..


Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun when you realize others can knit your patterns?

I'll see what I can to about casting one on soon and share the results with you.


Cybèle said...

Your daughter's room looks the twin of my daughter's room, down to the mirror (which I use too if I want to see myself full length)
I really like the hat - must get it in my ravelry queue.

Carol said...

Sooooo want to see those vintage coats! I have Woven on some needles but left it before England. Will get to it this week!

Knitting Bandit said...

I love this hat! I am new to your blog. Aa I understanding that it's your own design? I'd love to knit one.

Nikki said...

Oh, that hat is so cute. I want one. Love the buttons.