Sunday, October 28, 2007

Those have been the high points of this weekend. After almost a week of social quarantine, I wasn't doing so hot. I'm not exactly a sit at home kind of gal. (Craig calls me a shark, actually. Something happens to them when they stop swimming - they die? they can't breathe? Not sure)

But really, there are very few places you can take your vermin infested kids - so when Sat AM rolled around. we finished up our olive oil wraps and did a nit FREE check on both of 'em, so we decided it was time for dim sum.

I told Craig to go get me something potent, with cherries or pineapple, in a groovy cup. (Our dim sum place is attached to the coolest, kitchiest bar with a giant golden dragon, so I had high hopes. He did not disappoint.

He returned with a Zombie. And a little while later, he got me another. I wish i could tell you the recipe, but I have no idea what was in those babies. He said "a lot of stuff". All I know is they were exactly what I needed - and fun to have on the table -since two heads can talk to each other, can't they? According to my kids, they can.

The cup above is really similar to yesterday's, but I did not steal it yesterday. Bad example for the kids. Can't anymore. I stole this one from a place called Kowloon years ago - along with his mate. They live on my kitchen counter. I was much younger, childless and drunk at the time, and I did have a little penchant for chinese and polynesian restaurant tokens..
(everyone's got a dirty little secret)

The pumpkins behind him we carved today. One of my favorite things to do. It's a perfect fall day - sunny, breezy, leafy. When we were done carving, we went out for cider, donuts and a haunted hay ride. Also exactly what we needed.

Draped over my tikis and pumpkins and above, over Maya is my Green Split Leaf Scarf. It's from Interweave's little scarf book - they called it Knits Hits, 11 favorite scarves. In the book, this pattern was one of a trio of laceweight scarves, but I've learned I'm not currently a lace fan, so I subbed Cascade 220.

The texture is awesome, and I can't wait to wear this puppy for the rest of the fall and winter! The only change I made to the pattern is that I began with 3 rows of seed stitch, and I didn't do the middle graft. Just went through 2+ skeins of Cascade, and did 3 more rows of seed for the bind off edge too. Then I draped it over Maya for a photo - see, she MUST be nit free for me to throw my scarf under the bus like that...

am hoping she (they) stays that way for school tomorrow and Halloween Weds.

cross your fingers for me!


PlumStitches said...

glad to hear your house is nit free - I know when my time comes for that it will throw me over the edge!! scarf looks great - I really like the color...

Sarah Jackson said...

I love that scarf - it's beautiful. I wish I had a use for something like that but it's still 94 degrees here.

I haven't done pumpkin carving yet - I feel the same way about it that you do. Maybe it's Daddy's job.

lisa b said...

i'm just waiting for the little buggers to hit my's only a matter of time really...glad you made it through...phew!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed! Let us know how it goes.

sue said...

It is really beautiful. I adore the color too. I hope the hair is nit free too. My daughter caught it 4 times this year. I bought a little fluro nit comb and it worked fantastically with just hair conditioner smothered on her hair. Got the eggs and nits out, and they do look disgusting too.