Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I knit.

Aparently a lot.
Here's the point at which I couldn't possibly get any farther on my Tilted Duster. Got the front and the sleeves done, but had left the back home in MA. Never thought I'd get far enough to need it. But I did. Maybe it's just a really fast project? Or maybe I spent 4 nights in a row, knitting. What do YOU think?

This is my other holiday project - Veronik Avery's long lacy gloves - Glove #1 here. They were supposed to be longer, and therefore lacier, but I was at a point where I needed to pay less attention, so I began the stocking stitch for the hands.

I am really happy with them so far - and am very excited to finally spend $30 on sock yarn and have it out where I can see it! Will get going on the fingers soon - you can see the thumb on its holder there --- my silver hoop earring. Again, I never thought I'd get so far and was caught without my holders. But in a pinch, that earring works like a dream!

Unfortunately, both of these projects are about to zzzz (as they say on Ravelry) since I have a little deadline knitting ahead of me - and Hanukkah starts in two weeks....

The other thing I did over Thanksgiving Vacation was to put some serious time and thought into the whole yarn store question. Looking at the #s, talking to some LYS employees in both Boston and NJ, and reading through all your feedback and threads about other LYSs. I'll spare you all the drawn out rationale which we've been tossing around and sum it up - Long story short, no yarn store for us.

And a quick plea to you all - support YOUR LYSs. They're feeling the pinch. They can compete with each other, but they can't do a thing about the big interent shops. Buy in person, or buy from Etsy. Support your small business person - it's not easy to do what they do out on a financial limb. and if you expect them to keep doing it, they really need your support, so make the extra effort if you can.

PS. If you head to Princeton NJ, go down to Pins and Needles on Chambers St - amazing stuff, lots of unique yarns, great book selection and a wonderful owner - Kathleen. They also have a really cool needlepoint area - maybe another future craft?

but now back to the knitting.

Monday, November 19, 2007

But finishing them up is still a big relief! If you ignore the dishwasher, which will be replaced next week, we are finally done with a very long and unplanned replacing of almost everything in this room. The ultimate unplanned old house snowball, which resulted in a piecemeal home renovation project over the last 4 months. I am soooo tired of being home for workmen to arrive. How come everything breaks at once??
My two favorite things are the old fashioned bottle opener on the chopping block (see it there?) and the amazing orange barstools, which I found online from a Mexican restaurant in Texas which has gone out of business. Probably the two cheapest things in here too - figures.
Also a FO, not of yarn, is the raking. It was a gorgeous weekend and I'm a big fan of leafy pics, so ta da. Kids in leaves. With donuts, since it is Boston and you can't throw a rake without hitting a Dunkins.
The raking spurred me on to begin my Tilted Duster, out of deep fall orange in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca. Maybe I'll finish over Thanksgiving? I figure it's a good vacation project - lots of ribbing and stockinette to be done on the divan during all that socializing with the family unit.
(Raising Arizona anyone?)

Some FO's actually are made of yarn though. And here's one. I'm wearing it today and cannot manage to get a good shot of it on, so here's a flatty. Doesn't do the chocolate brown Cascade justice, and doesn't do the fit justice either. I LOVE this sweater.

love it love it love it. A good thing too, since I'm about to cast on for one more!
On the yarn store front, thanks for all your input. We now need to look at some hard #s and see what's up. I now have the hard #s, so another Thanksgiving project.
Am hoping hoping hoping....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First, the knitting. Realizing the hat I made for baby Theo was overly Femme for a studly baby boy, (lavender, really what was I thinking?) I've begun a new one. I love love love the sock yarns. And since I have predictable taste, my leftovers all match up nicely.

I'm also chugging away on the Tree Jacket. No longer angry at it, I was done with the body again in no time. Only some sleeves left and I'll be wearing it around by next week! And it looks like I'll be knitting another one too, since my sister saw it and tried it on. Her birthday's next month. Only fair, since I sent my Drops Jacket off to my other sister when she admired that one - can't do for one and not the other!

Now the knitting questions --

1. If your LYS was only open one late night a week, would that affect your decision to go there vs other spots? Do you do a lot of your buying or browsing during the week after work?

2. Same thing with classes - if they were offered primarily on mornings and weekends, is that a bummer for you or not?

3. What's something you'd LOVE to see at your LYS that you might not too often?

4. What's the one thing that makes you travel to a LYS not near you - special yarn, accessories, book selection, atmosphere, owner personality, a coffee shop across the st, other shops nearby to poke around in -- ? anything specific that lures you a longer distance than necessary?

I know we all browse and lurk and don't comment (myself included) but if you have any feedback, it would be SOOO appreciated! I know I'm fairly transparent at this point, so for those of you who weren't at Knitsmiths, Carol and I are in discussion to buy a yarn store - there's still a lot to work out, but the above might help us with a few big Qs we've been throwing around - I'll probably also stick 'em on Ravelry soon, but I figure I'll start here -since I can barely keep my mouth shut as it is, and am dying to talk this to death and think about it all the time and have to contain myself all the time with the knitting muggles who really couldn't be bothered with one more word out of me related to anything string like!

Anyways, anyone? thanks!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Haggis Flavored Oatcakes. Craig's back from Scotland.

so much for that Scottish Tweed I'd envisioned.

No knitting today - I'm on the computer. But I promise it's knitting related.

The tree jacket is languishing. I'm mad at it, although I should be mad at me. I knit up the XS, since I was concerned about yarn quanity and had convinced myself I'm just a little slip of a thing. Last night I finished up the body and put it on. Turns out I have plenty of extra yarn and I'm sooooo not a little slip of anything. Tight lace holes don't look so good over the boobs and the muffin top, no they don't. They expand over the bumps, they do.

So I've frogged back to the arms and am giving it a go at the next size. Tomorrow. Today I'm typing. Promise, it'll be fun for all if this typing project works! Right, Carol?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cassie's baby did come yesterday, and although none of you actually know her, I'm happy enough to blog about it anyways! He's a little dude - and his name's Theo. Just a coincidence, but kind of fun for me anyways. Thea/Theo, you get it. The boy knitting will begin as soon as I figure out what to make. Since Cassie does read, I'll keep mum till gifted.

(She's actually a little busy right now, so I'm guessing she won't be lurking for a while)

There's not much to say otherwise today - I'm cruising throught the Tree Jacket pattern. It's sooooo easy, love those Zephyr girls. We spent a few hours on the playground yesterday riding bikes, so I got a big chunk of it going. That riding bikes thing is good for the knitting, because it requires about zero involvment on my part. Yay bikes. And independently entertained kids.

Cassie'll appreciate those soon too...
won't you? xo

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My beloved LYS is closing. After 4 yrs, Jackie has decided to close the Knitting Room and go back to a more traditional job. I'm saddened, but not stupid, so I went to the sale...

For once, I bought things With Projects In Mind. (old dog = new tricks) Some chocolate Cascade 220 for the Zephyr Designs Tree Sweater, Some spicy colored Berocco Ultra Alpaca for a Tilted Duster, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for a scarf design I've worked out and need to cast on for, and because old habits die hard -- a bunch of Hacho because I love it, and some extra Berocco Alpaca because I love the color. And notice how I'm doing new colors - there's not a puple in the bunch - again with the new tricks.

Because I'm still crazy and fresh from our trauma around here, I took back my hat samples and have sealed them in a bag for two weeks. Can't be too careful, can you? No more Bad Nits.

Friday, November 02, 2007

This one's for my non knitting friend Amanda, who said she liked Cabled and loved my green Cascade. Being a sucker for any positive reinforcement, I knit it up.

And added some vintage buttons. I have no idea why this is underlined.

Since Cascade was a whole new weight, i played around with the gauge. Turns out you can knit the Cascade on 6s, cast on 110 and do 7 cable repeats, instead of 6. Fits just fine.

I also played with the length. I like it as in the original pattern. If you like a longer hat, add a few rows of stocking stitch after the row where you decrease (K2, K2tog) in the cable section and before you begin the repeating decrease rows.

I like it to fall about mid ear, which is where my first two hats fall, and where this one ended up too. Seems the button band just sits right this way on my head. Maybe if it was a brim hat, I'd go longer. But not here.

Any longer and I feel like I have a loooong cabley forehead. But that's just me. And hey, given my Never Follow the Pattern history, I encourage you guys to play with it and knit as YOU like it on your heads!

Amanda gets hers this afternoon - am hoping she'll like it!