Monday, November 19, 2007

But finishing them up is still a big relief! If you ignore the dishwasher, which will be replaced next week, we are finally done with a very long and unplanned replacing of almost everything in this room. The ultimate unplanned old house snowball, which resulted in a piecemeal home renovation project over the last 4 months. I am soooo tired of being home for workmen to arrive. How come everything breaks at once??
My two favorite things are the old fashioned bottle opener on the chopping block (see it there?) and the amazing orange barstools, which I found online from a Mexican restaurant in Texas which has gone out of business. Probably the two cheapest things in here too - figures.
Also a FO, not of yarn, is the raking. It was a gorgeous weekend and I'm a big fan of leafy pics, so ta da. Kids in leaves. With donuts, since it is Boston and you can't throw a rake without hitting a Dunkins.
The raking spurred me on to begin my Tilted Duster, out of deep fall orange in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca. Maybe I'll finish over Thanksgiving? I figure it's a good vacation project - lots of ribbing and stockinette to be done on the divan during all that socializing with the family unit.
(Raising Arizona anyone?)

Some FO's actually are made of yarn though. And here's one. I'm wearing it today and cannot manage to get a good shot of it on, so here's a flatty. Doesn't do the chocolate brown Cascade justice, and doesn't do the fit justice either. I LOVE this sweater.

love it love it love it. A good thing too, since I'm about to cast on for one more!
On the yarn store front, thanks for all your input. We now need to look at some hard #s and see what's up. I now have the hard #s, so another Thanksgiving project.
Am hoping hoping hoping....


Sarah Jackson said...

All sorts of fabulous stuff - Love the kitchen, the beautiful children and the gorgeous sweater!

Crossing my fingers for you on the yarn store front.

Greeley said...

where did you find the bottle opener? I've been searching for just such a creature for a beer-drinking friend's xmas gift.

Anonymous said...

hi Greeley,

can't email you right back so I'll put it here - found it at the Museum of Necessary Objects in Cambridge (Harvard Sq, up past Crate and Barrel across the street!). the classic opener, it's awesome.

Batty said...

Awesome sweater!

Lovely kitchen, it looks so cozy. And may I just say that I'm jealous of all the counter space?

PlumStitches said...

kitchen looks great - wish we could do our's now, but money is getting in the way! the Berocco Ultra Alpaca is really nice, I've used it on two sweater recently.