Monday, December 31, 2007

Surprisingly, I've found time to knit almost every night this week! It makes for some impressive progress to round out the year.

First, another chemo hat for my friend Amy. She's been on my mind, although I have not seen her since school vacation began. It's a deep cranberry red, perfect for the holidays. Too bad I didn't finish it for the holidays. But perfect for Valentines Day just the same, right?

A few more feet on the BCBG knockoff. That's an armhole there, breaking up the 5 feet of cable. I'm at armhole #2, but haven't committed to how wide my back is yet. Will do so after I post this!

A new project just begun. Marley - out of log cabin blanket leftovers.

As for cocktails, tonight we're entertaining. I'm doing booze with the appetizers and in the dessert. The appetizer is a champagne cocktail.

Cassis liqueur in the bottom of the glass, and a mint leaf on top. Pretty. Very festive!

The dessert is a Southern Comfort Cake with a sugary burbony glaze and powdered sugar on top. Served warm with vanilla ice cream. The cake is a total 70s throwback - it's made with both yellow cake mix and pudding mix! And of course, lots of Southern Comfort.

No pics, since they're not prepared yet. If I want to risk ridicule later on tonight, maybe I'll whip out the digital camera in front of the guests. We'll see. Depends on how many of the champagne cocktails I've had, doesn't it?

happy new year to you all!
Am planning to knit out of the stash in 2008 - wanna guess how that's gonna go?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Distracted by the thousands of cable patterns out there, and my questionable success designing a few hats, I've wasted a week or so re-inventing the wheel.
Then I went back to the photo of original that made me decide to copy this whole wrap/sweater, and decided to go closer to BCBG's idea. I did change it, but it's still simple and maybe going to get a little boring. But looked good enough in Lord and Taylor so it should be good enough for me. Besides, with one big cable and two braids, it's easy TV knitting - so it may even get done before spring.
I'm at about 20" today (this pic is NOT today.) I need 36" before I get to the first sleeve, another 12" across the back and then 36" again. Craig's out, so maybe there's a really good chick flick on tonight?
In other news, a second Tree Jacket's worth of cream Cascade's been bought, the gorgeous Chicabean is moving slowly along, and a third chemo cap in underway. I also have a sock in deep 2nd sock syndrome, and I'm ignoring it as best I can.
I'm also wearing my Tilted Duster everywhere I go.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Honestly, I just like the name. No idea why it's called Chicabean, but it is.
I'm knitting it out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - I've got 4 skeins, but this little sample is all I'm getting out of skein 1, so I may be needing 5. Another dark pumpkiny project, but I promise the next one will be a whole new color family. The pattern's fun - takes a little thought, so I'm keeping the printout nearby and working on it after hours.

I'll keep this post short - judging by my last post, it's looking like I'm talking to myself anyhow -- Guess all you goyishe folks are off celebrating. Me, we're off for some Chinese Food and a movie tomorrow. A scorpion bowl perhaps? Maybe I'll even do a little more knitting.
merry X mas - happy holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2007

My version of Wendy Bernard's fingerless mitties. I used the Hacho yarn, which I love. Soft and spongy and the most amazing colors.
At 40 sts around on #5s, these babies pretty much knit themselves up during a morning playdate! One skein made two fingerless mittys, and Walgreens had lots of Magic $1.99 gloves to toss underneath. These dark blues are looking a little worse for wear after one wearing - you get what you pay for, dontcha? Lucky for me, I loaded up on a ton of em.
Otherwise, I've begun some math and designing on the wrappy thing. Found a new cable that I love, and it reminds me of this sweater I saw at Babystyle a while back and was convinced I could make. I would only add two buttons at the top, and of course, make a NON maternity version. But I loved the cables and lace combo, the fat garter edges and the black buttons. And I have a giant batch of off white worsted, just living aimlessly in the stash.
Am a little torn in two directions now. Which to do? I think thet wrap will go faster, and maybe the sweater after. And if I do the wrap first, I can play with the cables a little more before going into a whole sweater.
We'll see how it goes. On the topic of other quick and easy things, am also still playing with my friend's limoncello. ;-) It's REALLy good with some carbonated limeade.

I mean REALLY good....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I think, according to Ravelry.
Yep, just what the world needs, another Tilted Duster.

But this one's got cool fabric vintage (of course...) buttons.

And it's out of Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Spice (a color, which upon honest review, does me no favors....)

So I'll only take photos without my head for now, and I'll put on the right makeup tomorrow so I'm not one of the walking dead.

Because it's really soft and comfy and I spent a few weeks on it, and I'm wearing it no matter how pasty I look!

PS How did the other 364 of you get the flaps to lay just right? I'm having a few issues.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Friday, we had some cocktails.
Saturday, we played in the snow.
Sunday, we shoveled the snow.

And in between, I knit my Tilted Duster.

All that's left is the neckline and sleeve attaching!
(and yeah, blocking, end weaving, buttons...)

I also re-discovered these socks.

I made this pattern up around the time I began getting obsessed with my little hat patterns, but I never posted about it since I had visions of having it published somewhere.

Apparently, that didn't happen, so here they are. I need to re read the pattern and make sure it's error free before posting it up on the sidebar.

If you've read this far down, you get a cocktail recipe from Friday (or two).
For the rum and vodka, I am not putting amounts - depends on what you like!

Warm Rum Cider
One gallon of Trader Joe's Spicy Cider
Dark Rum
Cointreau - about a 1/4 cup
Orange Juice (just a bit)

Cold Rum Cider
One bottle of sparkling Cider
Dark Rum
Fresh Lemon - squeeze a half for the juice
ice cubes

Festive Fizz
One bottle champagne
1 cup of white wine (cuts the sweetness, you can add more)
1 small can of apricot nectar
lime juice
pear vodka

enjoy! (we did)

Friday, December 14, 2007

These are my finished Veronik Avery long lacy gloves - they ended up neither long nor glovey, but they are lacy. My Mom saw them over the holidays, so they also didn't end up being mine.

I do think they're gorgeous, though (mostly due to the Madeline Tosh Rhubarb yarn) and I have about half the skein left, so I just might whip up another pair (again without the fingers) so I get my own set anyways. And I just might wear them today to reward myself for shoveling solo last night during the snowstorm (the man was at his office Xmas party - completely unreachable from 10 miles away by car...) 9 inches!
And below, one more reward for me. This little BCBG number looked really cool on the mannequin, but it's $150. And, it's an about to pill acrylic. Yep, $150 for acrylic. Second, it's basically a cable scarf with arms. Do you know where I'm going with this?

I'm keeping the receipt, that's where I'm going. Couldn't exactly measure it in Lord and Taylor, could I? But I'm going to document it and send the puppy home. I think it'll be wayyy easy to make.

Simple cables, some garter stitch? Bind off some armholes and cast on some arms? I'm way capable of this stuff. Seems a little shady, but hey. I've always wanted to do this, but never actually did before. Guess I've grown as a knitter, huh?

And tonight, a little cocktail party. Hoping to share some recipes in the next few days!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's what my parents got us for the holidays-
They took us on a family bar-stocking trip to the store.
So much fun - and look at all of these things to mix up!
We got all fun things we often don't buy in favor of the basics - there's Baileys, Cassis liqueur, Cointreau, Southern Comfort, Pear Vodka, collins Mix, two pre made mixers, Simple Syrup, and something there in the back I don't recognize.

And when we got home, I made sure to thank them properly. The above cocktail was the cassis liqueur and a sliced lime in some very tasty limoncello. The limoncello was made from scratch by Carol, and brought over previously as a gift. It's amazing. Like a lemon drop in a glass. Honestly, you don't even need the other stuff in it, but we wanted to play with our new toys, and I've been dying to share the limoncello with an audience.

Thanks again C! I'll make you one on Friday.

And here are my other new toys -- from the Bizarre Bazaar (which honestly, I thought would be a little more bizarre. Sooo many tee shirts, baby shirts - lots of beautiful things, but lots of basic materials - not so many really unusual things) One great vendor had hilarious imaginary animal taxidermy. Another made little books out of old book covers and unexpected materials - like tape cassettes. But mostly, lots of great objects I might have seen in a shop. Maybe that's what sells?

Anyways, two skeins of gorgeous yarn! (Also not Bizarre, but gorgeous) I ran into fellow Knitsmith Amber there behind a table, and how could I not support an old friend? The yellows and oranges is a skein by Amber herself. It's beautiful, and I think it's about to be more fingerless mitts. The purple is by skeintily clad, and it's sooooo soft. Behind those is a skein of reds, which I got in a yankee swap last week - Schafer Anne, which I've seen often enough, but never knit with. All three just add some lovely color to my current knitting bag.

The hat is a new FO - one more for my friend Amy. It's a made up lace hat, and done in Debbie Bliss Denim Aran, also soooooo soft. The yarn was stash yarn, so I'm glad to be using it up.

Yep, that's all for now - it's been a week of other things, and my Tilted Duster is indeed gathering dust. I'm hoping to get back to the previously scheduled programming soon.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

In just a few days.

Modeled by the lovely Maya (which is why it's a little big) is my latest Cabled.

I had the cables shrink into points instead of just ending, and I made the decreases at the top of the hat semi - invisible by adding knit rows between the dec rows.

I'm digging the little crystal flower buttons too.

This is the first of a little "hat wardrobe" I've volunteered to make for a friend. I promise I'll do some new patterns now, instead of a whole batch of Cableds. Almost done with the gift knitting and back to those gloves.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yep, another version of the same recipe. (Cabled)
I love playing with this pattern. These cables are from the Vogue Stitchionary -the Cables book. It's called Frosted Edge. I did 7 cables across the front, and I'm not yet sure how many repeats up before I decrease, but this is a fun cable to work with and I love the look of it.

I also made the hem deeper than before, since I want a little more of a cloche like feel here.

The yarn is Elan Peruvian Highland Wool, which is a great hat yarn. Soft, stretchy and doesn't pill with a lot of wear. The color is pretty good in the photo - kind of a dusty rose or pumkiny pink color. It's a gift, so I think it'll look great on the intended owner.

Anyways, only two hours before pickup today - we have our Conference With The Teacher. Must get back to the hat -

Monday, December 03, 2007

About those fingers.....
It's not that I couldn't do them, it's just that I chose not to, right?

Really, I did have 4 out of 5 done, and was working on them in Knitsmiths yesterday, when a very brilliant Nancy mentioned some fingerless gloves she'd done. And then an equally brilliant Teri pointed out that the shot in Veronik's book even showed the Latvian Mitts with gloves (never mind it was this glove pattern) poking out from beneath.
Happy to have any justification for never doing another finger, I went with their sage advice. Now if only I had known about this a few weeks back, I'd have TWO gloves to wear in today's snow. But really, this plan ensures I'll have #2 long before i would have otherwise.
All the other knitting around here is secret, so that's all you get for now.
And besides, I'm busy on Facebook this morning. Ever hear about it? Must get back and see what other friends have found me. My sister took the liberty and signed me up.
(as if I needed one more internet time suck in addition to email, Knitty and Ravelry....)