Friday, December 28, 2007

Distracted by the thousands of cable patterns out there, and my questionable success designing a few hats, I've wasted a week or so re-inventing the wheel.
Then I went back to the photo of original that made me decide to copy this whole wrap/sweater, and decided to go closer to BCBG's idea. I did change it, but it's still simple and maybe going to get a little boring. But looked good enough in Lord and Taylor so it should be good enough for me. Besides, with one big cable and two braids, it's easy TV knitting - so it may even get done before spring.
I'm at about 20" today (this pic is NOT today.) I need 36" before I get to the first sleeve, another 12" across the back and then 36" again. Craig's out, so maybe there's a really good chick flick on tonight?
In other news, a second Tree Jacket's worth of cream Cascade's been bought, the gorgeous Chicabean is moving slowly along, and a third chemo cap in underway. I also have a sock in deep 2nd sock syndrome, and I'm ignoring it as best I can.
I'm also wearing my Tilted Duster everywhere I go.


Corwink said...

I can't wait to see this finished. This is gorgeous!! So much better than the big name acrylic one.

Batty said...

Oh, I can't wait, it's going to be gorgeous!

Carol said...

This one is so worth it. Thanks for reminding me that I'm ignoring my Tilted Duster. Must get that out.