Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's what my parents got us for the holidays-
They took us on a family bar-stocking trip to the store.
So much fun - and look at all of these things to mix up!
We got all fun things we often don't buy in favor of the basics - there's Baileys, Cassis liqueur, Cointreau, Southern Comfort, Pear Vodka, collins Mix, two pre made mixers, Simple Syrup, and something there in the back I don't recognize.

And when we got home, I made sure to thank them properly. The above cocktail was the cassis liqueur and a sliced lime in some very tasty limoncello. The limoncello was made from scratch by Carol, and brought over previously as a gift. It's amazing. Like a lemon drop in a glass. Honestly, you don't even need the other stuff in it, but we wanted to play with our new toys, and I've been dying to share the limoncello with an audience.

Thanks again C! I'll make you one on Friday.

And here are my other new toys -- from the Bizarre Bazaar (which honestly, I thought would be a little more bizarre. Sooo many tee shirts, baby shirts - lots of beautiful things, but lots of basic materials - not so many really unusual things) One great vendor had hilarious imaginary animal taxidermy. Another made little books out of old book covers and unexpected materials - like tape cassettes. But mostly, lots of great objects I might have seen in a shop. Maybe that's what sells?

Anyways, two skeins of gorgeous yarn! (Also not Bizarre, but gorgeous) I ran into fellow Knitsmith Amber there behind a table, and how could I not support an old friend? The yellows and oranges is a skein by Amber herself. It's beautiful, and I think it's about to be more fingerless mitts. The purple is by skeintily clad, and it's sooooo soft. Behind those is a skein of reds, which I got in a yankee swap last week - Schafer Anne, which I've seen often enough, but never knit with. All three just add some lovely color to my current knitting bag.

The hat is a new FO - one more for my friend Amy. It's a made up lace hat, and done in Debbie Bliss Denim Aran, also soooooo soft. The yarn was stash yarn, so I'm glad to be using it up.

Yep, that's all for now - it's been a week of other things, and my Tilted Duster is indeed gathering dust. I'm hoping to get back to the previously scheduled programming soon.


Carol said...

The hat looks great. Did you have to rip back and start with less stitches? So jealous of the skeintilly clad - I've heard good things about it. And sooooo sorry to miss Friday. That cocktail looks amazing! I'll just have to make more limoncello!

Amber said...

I can't wait to see what you make :) So good to see you!!