Monday, December 03, 2007

About those fingers.....
It's not that I couldn't do them, it's just that I chose not to, right?

Really, I did have 4 out of 5 done, and was working on them in Knitsmiths yesterday, when a very brilliant Nancy mentioned some fingerless gloves she'd done. And then an equally brilliant Teri pointed out that the shot in Veronik's book even showed the Latvian Mitts with gloves (never mind it was this glove pattern) poking out from beneath.
Happy to have any justification for never doing another finger, I went with their sage advice. Now if only I had known about this a few weeks back, I'd have TWO gloves to wear in today's snow. But really, this plan ensures I'll have #2 long before i would have otherwise.
All the other knitting around here is secret, so that's all you get for now.
And besides, I'm busy on Facebook this morning. Ever hear about it? Must get back and see what other friends have found me. My sister took the liberty and signed me up.
(as if I needed one more internet time suck in addition to email, Knitty and Ravelry....)


Anonymous said...

What yarn is that? I am struck dumb by its beauty!

And the mit its knit into is lovely as well.

Carol said...

I agree with Nancy. Mitts are the way to go. Can I Ravel your modified mitts??!?