Friday, December 14, 2007

These are my finished Veronik Avery long lacy gloves - they ended up neither long nor glovey, but they are lacy. My Mom saw them over the holidays, so they also didn't end up being mine.

I do think they're gorgeous, though (mostly due to the Madeline Tosh Rhubarb yarn) and I have about half the skein left, so I just might whip up another pair (again without the fingers) so I get my own set anyways. And I just might wear them today to reward myself for shoveling solo last night during the snowstorm (the man was at his office Xmas party - completely unreachable from 10 miles away by car...) 9 inches!
And below, one more reward for me. This little BCBG number looked really cool on the mannequin, but it's $150. And, it's an about to pill acrylic. Yep, $150 for acrylic. Second, it's basically a cable scarf with arms. Do you know where I'm going with this?

I'm keeping the receipt, that's where I'm going. Couldn't exactly measure it in Lord and Taylor, could I? But I'm going to document it and send the puppy home. I think it'll be wayyy easy to make.

Simple cables, some garter stitch? Bind off some armholes and cast on some arms? I'm way capable of this stuff. Seems a little shady, but hey. I've always wanted to do this, but never actually did before. Guess I've grown as a knitter, huh?

And tonight, a little cocktail party. Hoping to share some recipes in the next few days!


Emily said...

Tip: The dressing room is a great place to measure (and photograph)knitted items.

Jofrog said...

I love the scarf sweater! I can't wait to see your fabulous rendition.

Carol said...

Great idea. Who wants to pay $150 for acrylic? Sign me up for the pattern too!

And I'm shoveling solo too.

Amy said...

I too am looking for knockoff BCBG sweater patterns. Just can't justify $150 (plus) for sweaters...I am dying to knit one that was out last season: a sage colored "wrap cardigan." It was so versatile and made from a great silky yarn that held its shape. Let me know if you come up with something along those addition to this pattern.