Monday, December 17, 2007

Friday, we had some cocktails.
Saturday, we played in the snow.
Sunday, we shoveled the snow.

And in between, I knit my Tilted Duster.

All that's left is the neckline and sleeve attaching!
(and yeah, blocking, end weaving, buttons...)

I also re-discovered these socks.

I made this pattern up around the time I began getting obsessed with my little hat patterns, but I never posted about it since I had visions of having it published somewhere.

Apparently, that didn't happen, so here they are. I need to re read the pattern and make sure it's error free before posting it up on the sidebar.

If you've read this far down, you get a cocktail recipe from Friday (or two).
For the rum and vodka, I am not putting amounts - depends on what you like!

Warm Rum Cider
One gallon of Trader Joe's Spicy Cider
Dark Rum
Cointreau - about a 1/4 cup
Orange Juice (just a bit)

Cold Rum Cider
One bottle of sparkling Cider
Dark Rum
Fresh Lemon - squeeze a half for the juice
ice cubes

Festive Fizz
One bottle champagne
1 cup of white wine (cuts the sweetness, you can add more)
1 small can of apricot nectar
lime juice
pear vodka

enjoy! (we did)


Sarah Jackson said...

You are incredibly productive! I'm going back to knitting that unfinished gift sweater feeling very shown up. :)

Maybe I'll try one of those cocktails when I'm done.

Colleen said...

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT time. Wish that I had been there.

Carol said...

Love the warm cider recipe. I had one of those on the slopes. It MAY have contributed to my current injury...