Friday, January 18, 2008

I've posted the button for Alene's Wrap - over there on the sidebar!
I'm charging $5.50 for the pattern, but I'm not keeping it.

I think it's my turn to do something good for the world. I've picked a charity to receive any profits from the pattern - one I think does great things - FINCA - they provide loans and insurance to the working poor, giving them the ability to start businesses and create opportunities in their own communities.

They do lots of work in Latin American and other developing countries, and support entrepreneurs who otherwise may not have the chance to put their talents to use. I figure a few hundred dollars in my hands won't change anyone's life. A few hundred dollars in a small village just might.

So here's how it will work (I'm hoping....)

If you order the pattern, I will get an message with your email address on it. I'll try and check 'em each night. Then, I will manually send you an email back with a link to the PDF.

You can print it out and start knitting, secure in the knowledge that you just did something good for the world. I'll wait a few weeks, and write a check to FINCA. And if the orders still come in, I'll wait a few more weeks and write another check - and another, and so on.

It's working fine now, so go ahead and click!

Thanks everyone,



Carol said...

Guinea pig, am I?

Shorty said...

I'm so glad that I will be helping others as well as knitting a great wrap.
Thanks for sharing you talent!


Batty said...

Knitting and doing something good? Fabulous! It doesn't get any better.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks! I don't need the pattern just now, but I do want to commend you for the idea you're supporting. It's a great way to make a big difference with even a modest amount of money - microloans are a big step towards fixing some big issues.

FYI, there are some ways to do this with your savings too (it's Canadian, but there are others):