Thursday, January 03, 2008

what gauge?

As Clint Eastwood would have said (if he knit, and I'm so sure he did...)
we don't need no stinkin gauge.

See, I always think the beauty of knitting a hat for a new baby is that it's going to grow. (the baby, not the hat)

Everyone knits the teeny things, an no one is really thinking about what the bitty one will need about a year from now.

That is, except ME.

OK, three years from now. whatever.

I had to pry this out of Zoe's little clutches and might now be knitting another one. Maybe I'll make that one smaller and have it ready in time for handoff? We'll see.


Sarah Jackson said...

That is the beauty of knitting for babies & kids. It'll fit someday! Then you use the line of "well I know that everyone else will be getting newborn things. This is for later. I did it on purpose." They buy it every time!

Batty said...

It's beautiful!

I never knit anything smaller than the one year size. I love your rationalization, but really, it's because I don't trust myself to get anything done before the kid is a year old.

Carol said...

Nothing to do with gauge. That hat stretches like a mofo. It will still fit a baby. My marley is currently being worn by a 4 month old but it fit Henry before I sent it off.

Zoe looks adorable. She needs one of her own.

cassie said...

love that hat, but love the pic of zoe even more!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern online available for this hat?
thanks, it is really cute.