Monday, January 07, 2008

Created by Craig. He's mocking me.

I'm especially impressed by his use of garlic in the fruit menagerie.

(This wine, by the way, is incredible. When we lived in SF about 13 years ago, we'd had it on a date and loved it. We've tried and tried to find it again, but never did before this year - I ordered a few bottles on the sly and gave him one for the holidays. We had it on Sat PM, and it was as good as we remembered...)

As for the knitting, all I need are some sleeves and maybe some fringe and my knockoff will be complete. The original had fringe, but I'm not so sure a 5 foot tall chick like myself needs it on top of about 6 feet of cable. Could be a little overwhelming, if you know what I mean. We'll see.

It's already hitting just above my knee, which I'm thinking is what I should go with. I may look in my Knitting on the Edge and see if there's something fun I can add that won't increase the Bigness or the Blueness of it more than a bit.

All taken in my new - and still inconvenient - hall mirror. Maya's glad I'm not mucking up the works in her room, but this really isn't much of an improvement when it comes to lighting (note the open front door) or accessibility (I'm on the bottom step, leaning past the banister.)

oh well. If I was a porn star, I'm sure I'd have lots more mirrors....


Anonymous said...

Last night I dreamed I got a magazine with tear-out cocktail recipe cards. In my dream I noted that I'd better tear them out and mail them to you! You've apparently entered my subconscious--are you terrified? :-)

Carol said...

I think Craig should do more photos. He's gifted. [Did the sarcasm come through on that?]

Wrap is looking great! I'm ready to queue it already!

Batty said...

I'm not sure anyone needs the cable/fringe combination. Cables and sleeves will be very pretty, though -- I like sleeves in cold weather garments (not a fan of the turtleneck sleeveless thing).

That's a great picture, garlic and all!