Monday, January 28, 2008

That's what they were. No self respecting knitter is going to pay $10 per bear for a machine made, acrylic number, is she? Especially when the bits bags are overflowing with perfect bits.
I'll spare you a photo of bears in scarves.

So... kudos to Temperance, who said mini scarves (really, unless you have a little mall-savvy kid, it's a pretty specific thing to expect someone to know) and to Amber, who was on the right track with Barbie scarves. (the Barbie Colony lies abandoned these days. Lone Ken is getting a much deserved a break from his stud duties.)


Knitting Wise, it's a Tree Jacket. Melissa should be getting this before the end of the week.
Not so bad, considering her birthday was in early Dec? It's pretty nice, am liking the cream color of the yarn. It's making me want a few more neutral projects. Anyone want to trade a nice cream something or other for my 10 skeins of Jade Green Cashmerino?

Cocktail Wise, I owe you. But hey, it's been cold out. Red wine. Not as exciting.


this weekend, it snowed and we went with Gin Toddys. (toddies?)

Gin Toddy

Pour boiling water into cup (not a fancy one like this. This one's a prop, since our mugs don't show off the drink so well) Add 2 tsp sugar and 2 oz gin. Add lemon juice to taste and a cinnamon stick. Stir with the stick to get the cinn. taste going. Adjust sugar if you want it sweeter (I did)

Besides the Toddies, the snow also means we get to wear our favorite hats. Again.

Off to finish the Tree Jacket and dream about Amber's Yarn some more. I'm on my umpteenth idea of what scarf and lace pattern will look best. It's just such a vibrant colorway, and most the lace patterns get lost. But I'm determined. It's so gorgeous.

Any good lace ideas for busy vareigated yarn???


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Temperance said...

Love the hats, and the kids are cute too :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe take a look at the patterns in Lavish Lace. They're designed specifically for variegated yarns.

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Non knitting comments:
Feeling a bit Carrie Bradshaw - "how are single women suppose to know about Build-a-Bear?'
However, the Gin Toddy does make up for it - soounds like a great idea for tonight.