Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here's what you see everywhere post Mardi Gras. The decorations are still up! Beads on the fences and wires, banners and Christmas balls in shiny purple, green and yellow on the balconies.

as if the French Quarter isn't pretty enough.... Really it's amazing. We had a great time - and since it's what everyone asks --- YES, you can go and visit and the city itself is back. You'll have a great time. The restaurants, the music, the shops, the galleries. It's all there and they're so happy to have you come. As you walk, there's music all over the Quarter. Jazz, blues, acoustic - you just keep going till you hear what you like and you stop. And have a drink. Drinks to go, even. So you walk around, look at the architecture, have a drink, and listen to music. A great, low key weekend.

I've honestly never felt more appreciated as a tourist. Let's be honest, taking a vacation? It's really a selfish kind of thing, isn't it? Should I be appreciated? I didn't pick up a hammer. The big checks I wrote were in exchange for lodging, food, drinks and a ton of CDs. But all weekend, I felt like I was helping in some way. Really, the musicians, the waiters, the shopkeepers - they're all so glad you're there. They thank you for being there. Everywhere you go.

We stayed in a small B&B out of the quarter, in an area called the Marginy. So we did see a little more of the real city than some and heard the local point of view. Things are far from being OK if you're a local. Far. I won't get on a soapbox, but suffice to say that large parts of the city still need help. Help beyond what you and I can probably even fathom. People are being screwed. The politicians do not care. Nor the insurance companies. People are not being taken care of.

Don't get complacent, so if you have the chance to help in any way, don't let it pass you by.

And if you have the opportunity to visit, Go. Go. Go. They really do need you.

But enough. I did manage a bit of airplane knitting - the first lace scarf is done.

And the second one is about half way.....

Instead of the knitting, there was the drinking. New Orleans makes the best Bloody Marys (Maries?) I've ever had! There's some cajun spice in 'em and always pickled okra on top. The one at Commander's Palace came with a stick of sugar cane in it too. Tasty.

And there was the coffee - chicory coffee. Here at Cafe du Monde, with beignets. Mmmm.
I brought three cans home.

And just before I left, I did do a little work on the latest design project.... stay tuned.


Amber said...

I love Cafe Du Monde, and went there for breakfast every day when I was in NoLa last April.

I'm going back again this year. I enjoyed it too much not to. Yum, chicory coffee, here I come!

Carol said...

Welcome back! Sounds great down there. Icing on the beignets would be to run into Angelina and Brad while there...

Temperance said...

Sounds lovely, I keep wanting to go and getting side tracked. :(

PlumStitches said...

Sound like a fun trip! BTW, there's a woman in my neighborhood that relocated recently with her husband from SF. Galiardo and I were out with her the other night and she says she knows you from work long ago...

Laura Suttell said...

Dear Thea,
Your knitting is simply smashing. Thanks for this post on N.O.

Quilt Knit said...

Hi! Thea: I just purchased the Pattern Alene's wrap.
I got the link from Subway knitter. Your knitting is wonderful. Hope your sister really enjoyed your work. You said to let you know if there was a typo-on the pattern- well I think you put pm on row 2 of the Set of Rows - it reads: K2,P10,K2, pm, K8, sm, - I think it should be sm- ?
Now, your Cafe du Monde picture I have to draw it.
It is Lent and I am not supposed to be drooling!
I want real coffee and beignets. I am sinning just looking. yum!!1


Quilt Knit said...

Thanks! Thea! for posting at my blog. Glad you like the paintings. Oh, you are right about the people hit by Katrina. The entire coast line is still hurting. Unless someone is holding something over the insurance companies Heads- well, it is very sad.
Love the Lace scarf.