Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jo Sharp Cardigan
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You've asked and I've ignored. Or, maybe I was just drinking and forgot?

anyways, I've put off the writing up of this one for a year now - but, for the faithful, the patient, the vaguely annoyed few of you that have been wondering if you'll ever get the pattern -- Why yes, you will. And in plenty of time so you can use this as your In Between Sweater before summer. Or your Nighttime Sweater in summer.

However, I'm going to do a little yarn research before I post the final pattern.

I know there have been some mixed reviews on the Soho yarn. It does separate easy, and it definitely grows a little over time. But it's lovely and soft and drapey. So I'm looking for any feedback on what you might think are good subs - also soft and drapey. My gauge is 4.5 sts per inch. On #6 needles. I can adapt the pattern for a 4 or 5 sts per inch sub pretty easily.

I'm a big fan of Cotton Fleece, but not sure on the drape. I haven't used Bamboo yarn yet, but if it's on gauge, that might also work well. I know Rowan has a ton of gorgeous cottons, but have to work through the gauges and see what's the best choice.

So that's my week ahead. My other design project is a fall number, so I'll get this puppy out first, while you're all perhaps in the mind to knit it.

As for booze, I saw an article in the paper today all about Pink Ladies and it's got me thinking about trying one of those. . Tomorrow just happens to be a Ladies Big Birthday Dinner at No 9 Park - and hey, it's one of the two specific restaurants they mention you should go to if you want to get that exact drink. Who am I to argue?


colleen said...

Oh suh-weeet! I had forgotten all about this one.

With regards to yarn: anything with bamboo is, IMO, soft and drapey. Oh do give me an excuse to buy some bamboo yarn this year. Please. Pretty please.

sue said...

I much prefer knitting with the Cotton Fleece as the Jo Sharp one does tend to split quite a bit. I think the Cotton Fleece holds its shape better too, although it is much harder to buy that here than the Jo Sharp cotton.

Carol said...

Very sweet. I think bamboo would be a great sub. Have fun with those pink ladies!

Temperance said...

I have no yarn suggestions but I do like the pattern.