Friday, February 01, 2008

Really, no matter what kind of pattern I picked for these guys, it couldn't go wrong. But of course, I agonized and swatched and flipped through the books trying to find the perfect pattern to showcase the colors in each.

And maybe if I was being totally honest with myself, I might even admit a little of that is because I have so little else to do some days.

But why go there? So I'll tell you I devoted myself this past week - between long stretches of Tree Jacket - I devoted myself to finding the perfect patterns for each of these lovely skeins. Since it's a very important task.

This one is going to be cables with dropped stitches between. A great little pattern by Briar Rose Fibers, called Hattie's Rose Garden. I'm about 8" into it now, and happy with the results of all that important work. The swatch here definitely needs a little blocking, but I am confident the finished scarf will be amazing.

Yep, WIN. An entire Swallowtail Shawl.

Go to Sarah Hope's blog and see what she's doing for her One Year Blogiversary!

She's the genius behind the Santa Cruz hat Maya wears every waking moment. And for her 1 year benchmark, she decided to do something cool - using her blog, her knits and her audience to help a cause she believes in. (Such a good idea..wink.) Every $2 you donate to one of the animal friendly charities she's listed gets you an entry to win an amazing prize - the Shawl is one of 'em, but there's more, too.

Check it out. I know I'm pining for a knit like that!


Carol said...

The pattern is really similar to Jeannie from Knitty, isn't it? Looks great with the variegated yarn.

Love all the charity stuff on blogs now. 2008, the year of doing good in the world!

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

great choice for the yarn! I love that pattern!

Batty said...

Beautiful yarn/pattern combo! The colors are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love your link to Sara Hope's blog. Not bad for some one who doesn't have pets.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! We've crossed the $300 line. :-)