Sunday, March 09, 2008

Two FOs!

I like how this has turned out. The sweater has a few really delicate details, but it has a little substance to it, so it's not too fragile feeling. The Provence is great - it didn't have a splitting problem, like some cottons, and the finished sweater doesn't feel heavy at all - it may grow a little as I wear it often, but that's just cotton, right? Drapey.

What I really love is the color and the little bit of sheen - it's going to look great with a delicate white top and some gold jewlery this summer.

Or on my pasty skin right now. In a too bright room.

You can see - it fits me perfectly - I'm thinking I should check it out on a few more bodies before I put it out there for anyone else. So yes, I will be writing it up, but after the test knitting.

Here's the second FO - Hattie's Rose Garden Scarf out of Amber's handspun. I love this too.

The pattern was cool - like a clapotis, but not so boring because of the little cables. I'm thinking I may do one more of these out of the handspun I picked up in NH last year.... A bigger wrappy type one. The fun part is dropping those stitches - crazy.


The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oooo the scarf looks fun. You're right the top looks fabulous on you!

femiknitter said...

I agree--the gold version turned out lovely. Well done! I can't wait until you make this pattern available. It's just my style!

lizchatwell said...

Golden Cardi is delicate and yummy. Would love to test knit.

Anonymous said...

Love the cardi - perfect for spring in New England if it ever gets here.

Batty said...

Lovely cardi, and the scarf is beautiful, a bit like a summer Clapotis. I really like the way they both came out.

Anonymous said...

Hello on Eli's fifth birthday...Your lucky parents there with him for his celebration. I love the cardi, and can't wait for the pattern. Hope you'll write it for a finished size's just my style. You are amazing, Thea.
Love, grannyannie

Anonymous said...

thanks Annie!

Can't believe Eli is 5!! Waiting for Zoe to be home so we can all call and sing.

A friend is doing a test knit for me - learned my lesson with the wrap, and I'll let you know how it goes. Or if you have a cardigan pattern you like that's to gauge, I can easily work from that and add the details, so you know you'll have a perfect fit. what do you think? Then you can test knit for a 48!


Blanche Knits in DC said...

That sweater is ABSOLUTELY fabulous! I would Love to have the pattern for that!

And the scarf is fantastic as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Thea, for your reply to my question about the size 48. I love the Provence yarn which I can purchase at my LYS. Val reports they had a great weekend with your mom and Mark. Wish I could get out there more often. Love your blog!

Dava said...

That cardi makes me think of a willowy Rowan model in a long flowing flowery skirt looking bored in a rose garden.

It's gorgeous!

craftyneedles said...

I love the cardi! I wish I would have seen it beofre the one I am knitting now. Oh well, I'll just have to knit this one next! Do you need any more test knitters?

And by the way, love the scarf, too!


Rose said...

Your cardigan is so, so sweet. It is a charming pattern and you did a lovely job. I am mainly a sock knitter but seeing your sweater makes me think seriously about branching out!