Thursday, March 06, 2008

There's a mistake in the Alene's Wrap pattern.
I had originally played with smaller cables and when I created the final PDF, apparently I cut and pasted the first page from the first version. Not so good.

A new PDF is going to be emailed out to all of you tonight - but since it's a problem you'd notice in the first cable repeat, and I've only just been told about it. I'm going to guess that most of you have not begun and will be able to toss the old and just use the new when you cast on.
I'm so sorry for the mistake.

Anyways, the error is in the cast on amt and the & the set up rows.

CAST ON 72 sts.

Set up Row 1 --
k3, pm, k8, pm p1, K8, p1, pm, K8, pm, P2, K10, P2, pm, K8, pm, p1, K8, p1, pm, K8, pm, K3
Set up Row 2 --
P3, sm, K8, sm, K1, P8, K1, sm, K2, P10 ,K2, sm, K8, sm, K1, P8, K1, sm, K8, sm, P3
I'm about to revise the PDF and since I have all your email addresses from Paypal,
I'll email the new one out to you tonight (before Lost....)
So Sorry! Chalk it up to being a newbie - or the cocktails.
I've already lined up one test knitter for the cardigan pattern, and I know she's really good with details. Waaaaay better than me. As has been proven now.


Sharon said...

Thank you! I did get the email.