Saturday, March 01, 2008

So the universe conspired against me last night and I didn't get to go to No. 9 Park. But that didn't mean I didn't get my Pink Lady. Dinner with a friend across the street turned into reason enough to find and make 'em myself. And, damn they're tasty. It looks all pink and frothy, but it isn't sweet or sugary. It's tangy and ginny.
2 oz gin
1/2 oz apricot brandy
dash of grenadine
1 oz lemon juice
white of one egg
crushed ice
Shake up in a jigger and pour. The real recipe calls for apple brandy, but i didn't have any.
The brandy is just to cut the alchohol anyways, so I don't think it matters too much. You don't taste the apricot flavor at all. So go nuts and toss whatever fruity brandy you got in there and see how it goes. It's the lemon and gin you really taste...

In knitting news, (sounding like the Weekend Update here)... I'm plugging away at the Soho Pattern. I took some good photos the first time around, but they hid the major flaws I'd made when I knit the thing. Instead of reworking the pattern in theory, I figured I'd actually rework and reknit it at the same time, so I could be sure my yarn sub was a good one. Being my own test knitter has it's rewards too - I'll get a new sweater out of it - a better than before version too.
The yarn I chose is Classic Elite Provence - I was hooked by the amazing mustardy-buttery-gold color. And it's a little sheeny -not exactly metallic, but very cool. The other colors the Provence comes in are also amazing - deep reds, a dusty violet, and a really lovely blue - among others. And it comes in hanks of 205 yds for $12.00. Thinking about your wallets, I am. I got 5 skeins, but am usure if I'll need all of them. I might also include directions for different sleeve lengths -- it could be cute with cap sleeves. Anyways, stay tuned and see.
And lastly, something for all you textile fiends out there. My friend gave me a lovely birthday present last night - placemats and napkins from her sister's company. I have always coveted the amazing fabrics and designs by India Rose - and now I have some! yay.

Aren't they awesome? Check out her website, the stuff is so cool .


Sarah Jackson said...

It's looking gorgeous! Love that gold color and your yarn choice.

colleen said...


What kind of yarn is this. I just got some DB Cashmer-whatever on sale. it might be waiting in the wings for this pattern....

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that something is conspiring to prevent you from going to 9 Park.
I agree with Sarah Jackson regarding the color - it's great!
Looks like another masterpiece in the making.

Batty said...

Soho is looking good. As is the Pink Lady. Yum!

Sharon said...

The progress is looking good. As for that Pink Lady = Yum. I may have to make that on a Friday night.

Temperance said...

I love the new yarn it shows off those georgeous cables so well. Makes me think I really need to do some cabeling of my own.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oooh that pink lady looks yummy I may have to make some!