Saturday, March 08, 2008

We're supposed to be off on Cape Cod right now for a pre-spring fling of seafood, beers, beach and cute little town exploration. Our friends have an adorable cottage without TV, computer or phone. Right near the water and a sweet little town - and they gave us the keys while they are away. But here's what's happening in Boston today.

Torrential. Sandbags. Guys in Camo. It doesn't bode well, does it?

So, we've decided to stay put and save the Cape house for another weekend.

The big winner in the decision is the little golden cardigan,
who's looking like she'll be finished later on today. I found some buttons in my stash that look good -- am leaning towards the yellower pearls on top.

I fully seamed up one side already just to be sure the sleeves were working before I knit the second one. And to make sure the fit's working. Which it is!! So, off to the final details and some test knitting. (Yes, I learned my lesson. Anyone a lg who wants a new project?)

And - given a long rainy day at home, maybe some cocktail experiments in the afternoon -
Craig will need a break from the taxes, won't he?

On the back burner but not forgotten is the cabley scarf. It will have Clapotis-y bars between the cables when it's done.
As the cardigan has grown , this is traveling around in my bag -- you can see the little skeiny-ball that's left. All I need is a good car trip - like to the Cape... oh well.


Sarah Jackson said...

I'll test knit it for you in a large. Don't know that I am one, but I'm sure that if it's too roomy, I can find a happy recipient. I love it!

Disco said...

Your cardi is very pretty. I agree with the yellower pearly buttons.

Enjoy your cocktails this afternoon ;-)

Corwink said...

Gorgeous with a capital "G"