Monday, April 28, 2008

Introducing M's latest design project: Circley.

She's off to school today, so the modeled shots will have to wait, but after repeated fittings, it looks adorable on her. We rounded the neck a little by adding a couple of decreases at the center, and we decided to make the neckline pretty high up, almost as high as a tee shirt collar.

Making the little purl circles was fun, and definitely less annoying than the colorwork and the umbilical cord trim, which we both decided sucked pretty bad. Of course, it's cold and rainy today, so this little number will have to wait a few days for her official 3rd grade debut, but I'm sure it'll be a frequent flier in the ol wardrobe....

In other design news, Alison has cast on for her Vintage Cardigan test knit, and it's looking lovely in Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool. Can't wait to see how it goes!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's Maya's Circley tank, redux. It was almost done, but we took a good hard look and decided it wasn't up to par. The fit was a little off and the design wasn't turning out as planned.
So we crapped the whole thing and began anew.

This time the dots are all texture - starting bigger and getting smaller in rows. Makes a little A line shape. The little umbilical cord is a thing of the past. And the circles along the top of the front will also be purled into the fabric. If I actually sit down to knit today, I might even get it done. We'll see. It's another gorgeous day, so chances are slim.

I couldn't last night - the whole project sat in my lap and my hands were slack as I got sucked back into Lost and the Office. Turns out I can knit to reruns - not so much to new episodes of my favorite shows. I think the strike ruined me - I got so used to not caring what was on, I could power through and knit anything. Now I'm so happy to have new shows that I'm taking full advantage!

(and who saw that smoke thing??? holy crap!)


On the Golden Cardigan front, we're almost there. Three test knitters are knitting away - and one's almost done! For anyone looking to see some progress, check out Colleen's been sharing details and pics on her blog. (The other ladies are blogless, but I'm sure they'll post their FOs on Ravelry)

now, off to the Zoo. (really, the real zoo - Zoe wants to see the jaguar)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's time to knit to the girl's specs again -- so below are the ingredients for Maya's Circley tank.

The basic design is the same halter shape we did last year (a few years ago?) on the little purple number to the right, so it's in the photo, hanging out here for a little comparison. It fits Zoe now.

The yarn she chose is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece - I think she chooses based on color, but she did good here. It's always a great workhorse in the cotton yarn world. We're adding all kinds of circles - here are a few textured ones, all in a row...

And here's another ring of 'em in kind of an umbilical cord format. These will be sewn on like fringe - if I can ever get the little f&(*&'ers to stop rolling up. I may have to back them with a stiff fabric.

It's always fun to collaborate with Maya on these things - the design has already deviated from the original drawing, so we'll see what happens with the top.

My goal is to make sure she doesn't look like a Bratz doll, but her goal is to make sure she kinda does (ugh) so there may need to be further mods.

Of course, when discussing fashion choices with an 8 yr old who has pre teen taste, you always need a drink. This one was pretty good and thought up on the fly.

Ginger Ale, a little pear & passionfruit nectar (sold in a can by Goya), and the half bottle of rose leftover from the day before. Needed a little shot of lemon, and it was a fabulous rose sangria kind of thing - no fruit - my friend and I didn't have the patience to wait for all the chopping!

Friday, April 11, 2008

about the idea of a scarf for warm weather, but the Montego Bay pattern is pretty. Here it is finished and flung attractively over my patio table, which doesn't get hot and bothered if it's all draped in fabric on a sunny day.

Besides this, I got nothin'. It hasn't been a knitterly week around here. All the warm weather has turned my OCD tendencies towards the garden and some minor home improvements that need to happen before summer. In fact, given an extra hour yesterday, I popped over to the liquor store to stock up on whites and roses, rather than upstairs to the patterns and stash.

oops. sideways.

In other news - one short charity plug. Fellow Knitsmith Gayle is running the Boston Marathon for the 4th time in two weeks and another fellow Knitsmith Carol has posted a raffle with fabulous yarn goodies if you sponsor Gayle for any amount. Here's the link!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Popcorn, cocktail fixins for all
(the girls did the little elephants and juice),
an old movie and an almost finished sweater..

Saturday morning!

I love this knit! Stardust from Knitty. Almost 700 yds of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca.

Am going to wear it all day today --must think of somewhere to wear it to....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is what I said when I saw this little box.

Funky, huh? Came from my Mother in Law's house, which my husband had been clearing out a few weeks back. It says: Pure Irish Linen Cocktail Mats. Irish Handwork in Color.
I had no idea what to expect. It panned out though. Look! How cool are these???

Who doesn't nees some dual duty drink coasters/ID tags? They slip over the foot of the glass and you insert the bottom into a little slit in the center of each.

The bonus is that they say things I'd picture Cary Grant tellling Frank Sinatra at the bar. (Although both Frank and Cary would have been pissed if the barkeep slipped anything cutesy on their glasses, I'm sure.) My favorite is "Here's Mud in Yer Eye". Followed closely by "Happy Landings" and "Dear Old Pals".

(Why don't people talk like they did in old movies? Or, why don't writers write like they used to for old movies?? It's so much better than the things characters say today. )

On the knitting front, I'm still plugging away at Stardust, and we're almost ready for some seaming. But we were away for a few days and I needed something easy and less thought provoking -- so meet my Montego Bay Scarf. Turns out I had the exact yarn in my stash!