Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is what I said when I saw this little box.

Funky, huh? Came from my Mother in Law's house, which my husband had been clearing out a few weeks back. It says: Pure Irish Linen Cocktail Mats. Irish Handwork in Color.
I had no idea what to expect. It panned out though. Look! How cool are these???

Who doesn't nees some dual duty drink coasters/ID tags? They slip over the foot of the glass and you insert the bottom into a little slit in the center of each.

The bonus is that they say things I'd picture Cary Grant tellling Frank Sinatra at the bar. (Although both Frank and Cary would have been pissed if the barkeep slipped anything cutesy on their glasses, I'm sure.) My favorite is "Here's Mud in Yer Eye". Followed closely by "Happy Landings" and "Dear Old Pals".

(Why don't people talk like they did in old movies? Or, why don't writers write like they used to for old movies?? It's so much better than the things characters say today. )

On the knitting front, I'm still plugging away at Stardust, and we're almost ready for some seaming. But we were away for a few days and I needed something easy and less thought provoking -- so meet my Montego Bay Scarf. Turns out I had the exact yarn in my stash!


Temperance said...

I love Vintage Linens, and those are definitly keepers. They look to be in great shape, lucky you.

Laura Suttell said...

Great find, Thea. Love the wacky sayings.

Your Montego Bay Scarf is stunning.

Carol said...

I want the one that says Good Luck with the horseshoe and martini glass. I could have used that in college.

Montego is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hiya. You probably already know this but if you want to see a film where they talk and write like they use to, check out "Brick" on DVD. It is spot on.