Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's time to knit to the girl's specs again -- so below are the ingredients for Maya's Circley tank.

The basic design is the same halter shape we did last year (a few years ago?) on the little purple number to the right, so it's in the photo, hanging out here for a little comparison. It fits Zoe now.

The yarn she chose is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece - I think she chooses based on color, but she did good here. It's always a great workhorse in the cotton yarn world. We're adding all kinds of circles - here are a few textured ones, all in a row...

And here's another ring of 'em in kind of an umbilical cord format. These will be sewn on like fringe - if I can ever get the little f&(*&'ers to stop rolling up. I may have to back them with a stiff fabric.

It's always fun to collaborate with Maya on these things - the design has already deviated from the original drawing, so we'll see what happens with the top.

My goal is to make sure she doesn't look like a Bratz doll, but her goal is to make sure she kinda does (ugh) so there may need to be further mods.

Of course, when discussing fashion choices with an 8 yr old who has pre teen taste, you always need a drink. This one was pretty good and thought up on the fly.

Ginger Ale, a little pear & passionfruit nectar (sold in a can by Goya), and the half bottle of rose leftover from the day before. Needed a little shot of lemon, and it was a fabulous rose sangria kind of thing - no fruit - my friend and I didn't have the patience to wait for all the chopping!


Sarah Jackson said...

Good luck achieving that balance! It's not like the stores make it any easier. I'm sure it'll look great and satisfy both of you.

Disco said...

Bratz! Worrying isn't it. Thank God I have boys. Although they come with their own worries. My own choice tonight is Shiraz. To accompany the steak.

Mind you, at least you get to knit with pink sometimes.

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