Friday, May 02, 2008

The radio silence around here is not due to a lack of knitting - or even of knitting content, but to the fact I've been doing all the back end stuff on my current projects.

Kristen, my first finished test knitter is wearing her Golden Vintage Cardigan and the others are down to details, so I am working out some sizing kinks I hadn't fully thought out in the beginning and working on making the pattern perfect for the rest of you.

The jump from hats and wraps to full on cardigan sizing is a whole mess of detail, and it's been fascinating to see how much of my knitting is done by Spidey Sense. Instinctively I know what I want to do and I have a feel for what I like. However, putting it down on paper or figuring out actual math? -- well, let's just say it takes a few hours of silence and concentration or details get easily flubbed.

And silence around here? I have 6 hours a week without kids. Yep, 6. Before bedtime.
After that, I'm not doing math - because I'm having a drink. (Maybe that needs to change....?)

But thanks to about 5 (6,7, 8?) emails today with Karen and Colleen, all your Golden Vintage armpits will be flubless. I haven't spoken to Alison today, so she's either about to be inundated with armhole emails or has already figured this one out and made hers correctly to begin with.
Sorry to all 3 of you - and many many thanks!

Kristen finished her sweater and has posted it up on Ravelry. We created an XS for her, so the sizing was all different anyways and she bypassed the above mess. She used a different yarn, created a much more fitted shape, and made a few custom mods to the neckline and buttonband. A little less vintage, a little more funky. I think it looks great on her.
My favorite thing about Ravelry is seeing how everyone customizes their knits!


In other knitting news, I have been writing up Circley to post as a free pattern and working away on the Little Smocked Cardigan too. All I have is the second front and the sleeves to go.

Inspired by an awesome idea Kamicha is working on, I spent most of Lost and the Office last night frogging back a cotton tank for a go at a new thing as well. I love the shape of her drawing!
Carol, you just might recognize the yarn for this one....

So, call it knitters A.D.D. Tying up loose ends.

Or chalk it up the fact I have a bunch of free time today and a desire to get everything organized before I either sit down with my new IK, or begin this new amazing design from Weaverknits.
The Lauren jacket!


Sarah Jackson said...

Oh my gosh, you just made me so tired. I think I need a nap now.

I'm figuring out how to amend your cardigan to fit a growing belly. Hmm....

Carol said...

Kristen's cardi has pushed me over the edge. I totally need to knit this one but will wait for the corrections!

Thea said...

oh this one's not getting printed up till all the corrections are part of the original! Don't worry, I'm guessing about 1-2 weeks more.

that's the beauty of this process -

Batty said...

The sweater looks lovely!