Monday, May 19, 2008

All done with the knitting. Now the big decision on buttons.

Am leaning towards the white pearly ones, but we'll see.

There's a lot of finishing to be done on this sweater. In addition to the usual, you have to knit and attach the button bands seperately. I liked this - even though it's more work, it left me with the freedom to see the finished sweater and lay button options down before I chose the final number of holes to knit. Definitely a bonus when mine all come in different amounts.

(All three of these options have 6, so I can leave the final call till later.)

Still to seam and smock, but I'm thinking it'll be done in a day or two.

I'm dying to finish up right now, but my coloring talents are being requested...

ah well. later.


Temperance said...

I like the purly ones, but the grey ones are also nice, On the other hand I don't like the gold ones at all.

You keep reminding me I need to hunt down my buttons and assemble them all in one spot.

Carol said...

Hard to tell without the band on yet but I like the grey ones and the pearl ones too.

Laura Suttell said...

I agree with Temperance and Carol, Thea. I planned to reply as such but now must give props to them for their good taste.

Anonymous said...

The grey ones! (Not that you need to listen to me. I like the way the ridge detailing echoes the fine ribbing on the sweater, and the color glows without popping too much.

Amber said...

I'm just entranced with the close up of that yarn. All those subtle peacock colors! Woo!