Monday, June 30, 2008

Debbie Bliss Becky out of Patons Grace. This is a great pattern - easy, flattering and quick. The only change I'd make is adding a little length to it. Given the gathered front, a little more vertical would help with the horizontal, if you know what I mean... But blocking the shit out of it helps too.

This yarn was wicked cheap (2.50) and turned out to be a great sub for Rowan Glace, which was what i was going to use. Won't turn my nose up at those big craft store yarns anymore, nope I won't. I love love love the color too - a brownish purple taupe.

I'm moving on to some mittens next - am thinking long arms and a little smocking down the arm and the hand - an easy & small project to take to the beach, assuming these thunder and rain storms ever stop.

I can't believe it's July and I've only had one day in the water so far - evidenced by my pasty skin in the pic above, and all the cans of Miller Lite still to see the inside of my cooler. We've had so many storms, my kids are no longer afraid of 'em. Even the big crack ones. Seems a month of them is about what it takes - even for a 4 yr old!

No pics, but the drinks around here have been mostly in the tonic family - we're branching out to rum and vodka and mixing in a splash of different fruit juices. Rum & tonic w/ a splash of pineapple & lime was a winner. And my fave, Gin and tonic w/ a bit of pear nectar and lemon. Don't try apple juice.

Anyways, next are mittens. I have some lovely sock yarn and want to put it where I can see it!


To everyone who's begun their Golden Vintage Cardigan -- thanks so much! I can't believe how many of you have gotten the pattern - even before I've posted the final front revisions - I think I've sent out about 30 PDFs. Holy Crap. I'm soooo not worthy!

But rest assured, Colleen is in Germany with her sweater and the revisions have been discussed and are already written out -- all I need is a final OK or tweak so I don't send you all down the wrong path. As soon as I have that, I'll just save and email 30 NEW PDFs to you all :-)


jenna said...

Cute! What a great summer knit! I love the color, too---brownish purple taupe is right up my alley.

Sharon said...

What a perfect tank! The color is really nifty.

rs gold said...

What a great summer months knit! I love along with, too---brownish violet myope is right up my street.
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