Sunday, June 22, 2008

These are the Sugar and Cream dishcloths from the ball band on the yarn. I had a bunch leftover from Zoe's Log Cabin Blanket and no idea what I'd be doing with it, until I was asked to knit for our school's spring fair. This was a few weeks back, during the big heat wave over here, so I was thinking no one would even want to think about mittens, or hats or scarves - much less bid on 'em.

But these little babies? They were so fun to whip up and look perfectly summery.

I added some baskets from the dollar store and filled them with other kitshy kitchen items - sponges and gloves and muffin mixes. By now, I'm hoping someone's happy to have 'em.

This FO isn't mine, but since it's my pattern and it was brought over for show n tell, I figure I'm showing and telling. Susan won't mind...

This is Circley, finished up by Susan, who's a friend and one of the students in my Wednesday Knitting Class. She did an awesome job and it's adorable on her daughter - who has dark hair and eyes about the same color as the yarn. I know more of you are working on yours from the dowload count and am dying to see some finished ones up on Ravelry soon!

More pics in a day or so. I forgot to do a few when the computer was gone, so I have to get that smocked cardigan out of the winter bag for its photo shoot and find M's new hat somewhere in a bag as well. Am sure they will be glad for a breath of fresh air....

BUT my goal for today is to get the Cardigan pattern up!


Nell said...

I love they colors on the dishclothes. I hope whoever gets them will really use them!