Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just in case anyone's noticed I'm still gone, here's a little update on things here at Babycocktails.   

The computer's not responded to treatment.  Just got it back from the Computer Doctor ( who would be the tech dude at my husband's office who said he'd fix it for free).  Seems the problem is a biggie.

Now it's off at the Computer Hospital, where they tell me turnaround is about two weeks.  I paid an additional $25 to shorten that to one week, but we'll see how it goes. 

In the meantime, I know a few of you are waiting (oh so patiently) for the Golden Cardigan.  I promise that I will post it as soon as I have the ability.   I won't even wait for the test knitters to finish up.  There's a question about the sleeve sizing, but the back and fronts are proofed, fixed and ready to go.  How would you all feel if I posted a temp PDF first, without sleeves and then added the sleeves once I took the time to make sure those caps are the right length?

  I just don't want to put my summer cardigan out in the world in time for fall.  
That's not such good timing, is it? 

In the meantime, I apologize for falling off the face of the web.  Am sure your days are empty without my cocktail recipes and wit.  Also, if I usually read your blog and talk to you there, please know I'm just not able to these days.  Images (yep, ANY images) make our backup computer crash (lovely) so I've only been able to check messages and emails lately.

On the plus side, it's created lots of free time for other knits. 
 There will be lots of FOs to post once I do return.

  It's also created lots of time for drinks - always a bonus during a heat wave! It's just amazing what you can do with a new blender, ice and fruit, isn't it?  As long as there's rum involved.

Anyways, I'm relying on the kindness of others right now.  This fancy machine is not mine. 
I'm on a knitting playdate this morning.   

Must get back to Carol and the girls.  Hope to see you (or your blogs or your knits) all soon.


colleen said...

I am truck, truck, trucking along on the sleeves. I think that the sizing on the body is okay--haven't gotten to the cap shaping yet.

Susan S. said...

Oh please please post whatever you have for the cardigan! While I know that I should be starting to knit the woolens for this winter to help with the cost of oil, I am dreaming of cotton!

Sharon said...

Hi Thea, I was just thinking I need to drop you a note to say hi on your blog (cause you know blogger won't let me respond to your comments when you leave them on mine. I hate blogger sometimes). Glad to hear you are ok. I can't wait to see your sweater. I just hope they can fix the computer problem sooner for you!

Regina said...

I would love to get started on the Golden Cardigan. I spun lots of green cotton for ( yes, cotton comes green courtesy of Mother Nature ) and I'm anxious to get going. Please post whatever you have and we'll take it from there. Hope you get up and running soon - I miss reading your blog !

Deborah said...

I am glad you posted an update. Miss reading you and I would love anything on the cardigan! Good luck with your computer!

Batty said...

Hey, I didn't notice because I fell off the face of the Internet myself. 3 business trips in 3 weeks will do that to you.

Good luck with your computer!