Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm all class.

Bud Light in a Hooters coozie.

As for knits, a new hat for Zoe out of her sweater leftovers. An easy beach-sized project that took no time. As an added bonus, it was so easy that no amount of Bud Lights would have screwed things up.

For Maya, her next design request.
I'll divulge details later, but for now, let's say it's going to use up the rest of my Reynolds Whiskey and she's going to look even more like a child of the Seventies come fall...

Monday, July 21, 2008

for a witty title

So here's my other vacation project, finally finished up and ready to wear (if only it wasn't 95 degrees out). I'm extra excited to have found a visible garment to make out of my sock yarns - really, why do I want to hide $25 worth of gorgeous yarn in my boots? My whole sock yarn stash was in limbo.

Until now. Opera length, smocked gloves out of Jitterbug Colinette. Truth be told, I did wear them around for a bit this afternoon - heat wave or no, they're looking sweet with the flip flops.
I took the basic glove recipe from my new favorite book - Knitting New Mittens and Gloves by Robin Melanson - and added the smockiness and the length. Fabulous. I had also planned to add a few vintage buttons and a band around the ribbing, but it really was gilding the lily. So, knowing when to stop, I did. Can't wait to knit up another pair soon - for holiday gifts, of course. (not these babies, the next pair....)

And although it seems dear readers, that you are all off enjoying your summers, I'll assume somebody is reading here and share my two new favorite cocktails for July. Above is a Gin Collins. Vodka's good too. You get the little mix here, add some cold water and seltzer, toss in your booze of choice and some slices and you're all set. Not too sweet, not too sour. It's pretty perfect. Here I'm adding sliced apple and lime.

Below, some white wine sangria - in my new vintage wine glasses from the Wellfleet Flea Market. What you can't see in this shitty picture (it was thundering and pouring, so I took it as I had to) are the way cool iridescent bowls on the glasses - with little waves in the glass.

Don't worry, I'll use them again on a sunny day and you'll see.

Meanwhile, toss some white wine, a little apple juice, some lemon lime soda and seltzer in a pitcher. Add the lime juice if you've used too much apple or lemon lime to balance out the sweetness - and slice whatever fruit you have lying around. So tasty, and an awesome way to use all the extra stuff in the fridge up!

But right now, I've got a glass of rose going - don't turn your nose up - the pink wine has come a long way - you don't need to get it in a box or a big jug. Some good wineries are turning out some very nice bottles this year, and we've been taking advantage! (this one was Mas Sainte Berthe - a 2007 out of Provence ) But, don't be impressed, I totally got it on the recommendation of the wine guy. I know nothing about rose except I like it in summer!

Anyways, since I AM talking to myself this summer, I'll stop here. Next on the sidelines are projects for the kids - Maya's requested a brown simple hoodie and Zoe's looking for her new winter hat for next year -- the good news is that I can knit both - again - From The Stash.
yep, I'm good.

so why is there still no dent in the pile?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

and somebody's getting a scarf.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The more things change, the more they stay the same right?

Week before last I started my vacation projects in the backyard with a beer, and a view of my backyard maples.

Two projects - small and uncomplicated. One's a lace scarf out of a lovely silk fingerling yarn I've had stashed so long I don't remember where it came from. Am calling it a Xmas gift (oh, I'm being soooo good, aren't I? maybe I deserve More Yarn?)

The second project is a new idea I had for a glove or mitten with a long wrist cuff/arm, a little smocking, and... it will use a vintage button (not surprised about that piece, are you?)

Another way to show off my sock yarn, not hide it in the shoes this year.

Anyways, here's said mitten/glove in progress a few days ago. Colinette Jitterbug, which is a gorgeous soft and spongy yarn, I love it. Did socks out of it once and am hooked. This colorway is a lovely variegated cranberry. ( Got it at the awesome yarn store in Princeton when I visited last - Pins and Needles, on Chambers Street. Nice folks, awesome selection, homey store. Go)

Anyways, I digress.

Different table, different view, different drink, but here I am again, yes? Seems I like to knit and drink in the backyard, don't I? Just over the dune there was Wellfleet Harbor. A lovely view from our little cottage. The drink here was a Tom Collins - we brought the fixins just in case - Very tasty, I have to say. Never had a Collins before, if you can believe it.

Anyways, much laundry is staring at me, as are my unwashed and unfed kids. (Priorities?)

Tune in again soon and I'll have some mitteny glovey (am undecided if I want to deal with fingers yet...) pics to share. I'm liking this one and thinking it'll be a good free pattern to try and write up.

On the vintage cardigan, how are you all doing? :-) I know a lot of patterns have gone out there, so I'm dying to hear what you all think!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

An almost finished vintage cardigan!

OK, this isn't me (I think knitting two of the same sweater is quite enough). It's Karen - one of my fabulous test knitters. She's been working on the medium, using the original PDF, and it's looking awesome, isn't it?

So, all of you working on a size med, your PDF is just groovy.