Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm way too cheap to set the girls up all summer - and we've had a ton of stuff to do anyways, but this week is my only week ALL vacation that I'm alone. Blissfully, quietly alone.

With my yarn, apparently.

They both leave at 9. Zoe's gone till 3, and we get Maya at 4. The only thing is that I forgot to set ME up with activites too, and most my buddies are with their kids or working. Except for one day at the MFA with my sister and a little visit yesterday from Carol, I've had a rainy week of "taking it easy". And honestly, I don't do lazy so good - there seems to be confusion if you invite someone over for a late morning cocktail...

Luckily I have the knitting - and no qualms about having a drink alone.
So look what my boredom has spawned...

My fall magazines came and I'm really liking this idea.

It's a long loose sleeveless number. Midweight with a little texture. I'm thinking I may lose the belt and add a couple of buttons along the top to the Underboob line (you know what that is, right? ) and I may also change the arms a little, but this is my new obsession/design project. Really, who can't use some Instant Style? I'm thinking I can.

And as an added bonus, my favorite inexpensive yarn seems to do the trick here - it has the right heathered neutral look and a great weight with a a little drape, no bulk. Again with the Ultra Alpaca. We'll see how it turns out - today I do play with textured stitch patterns.

Let me know your thoughts - it's from InStyle, if you want to see it in person at the local supermarket and annoy the impatient shoppers behind you.

For those times I'm not in the mood for math, I also reaquainted myself with some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed from the stash. It's a lovely deep purple with funky green flecks in it. Since I gave my Drops Jacket away last year, I figured I could use a new one. And this is a big bag in the trunk - if I can knit it up, I'll almost deserve those new skeins of the alpaca.

Lastly on the new front, my next traveling project. I'm currently obsessed with these little headbands of extra cotton, but after making a couple, I'm thinking I don't need soooo many. Instead, I dove back into the trunk again and found this yarn. Another pair of sockyarn mittens. This time, a button closure at the wrist and simple stockinette.

Also in the background (but not new) is Maya's 4th Grade Sweater. It's brown and simple, so I'm not going to waste an hour trying to get a good photo of flat brown squares. She'll love it, but it's waaaay boring to knit and not so attractive to post.

11:37. 3.5 hours left before I'm done. Must go swatch.


Carol said...

Did I turn down a cocktail inadvertently?!? Thanks for keeping them sweet for me at Wild & Wooly!

Annette said...

I'm new to your blog and LOVE IT, you have so many cute knits.
Thanks for sharing your cocktails too.