Monday, August 25, 2008

There are just a few drops of whiskey left in this bottle now, much to the dismay of my DH.

I never thought I was much of a burbon fan, but this is one tasty summer drink. Craig was just a little bitter, since this is apparently not your average mixing burbon. I guess it does look a little fancy, if I wanted to take the time to consider things. However, it's not a bottle that got drank often to begin with, so I'm finding uses for the materials at hand.

And as you can see here, we're both drinking them, aren't we?

In case you want to give it a shot:
Ginger ale, burbon, lime and a bit of seltzer. Lots of ice.

And here, more Drops.

This time knit out of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed in Plum. I had to fudge a lot of the sizing and shaping since the yarn falls exactly between the gauges given in the pattern. Or maybe the yarn could have been fine, but my gauge was funky. Either way, it worked out after a second shot at the cap shaping on the sleeves and a little added length on the shoulders.

This yarn is lovely and it lasts for ages at 186 yds per skein! ( Puff, I'll email you later on today or tomorrow) I still have to put the buttons and hidden snaps on since I forgot the button holes while knitting - rookie mistake, I know. But I'm glad to have the knitting piece done, since this puppy is a little too heavy to have on your lap in summertime.

Next will be the blue lace number from IK, knit out of Cashmerino. I'm craving something solid and soft -- I think I may have gotten tweeded out a little here. Never to fear though, I love tweed way to much to stay jaded and I have a bag of really lovely Queensland Aran in my plan.

On the needles first is Maya's back to school hoodie - front and back is done, and the sleeves are underway. I'm knitting it without a pattern and without notes (completely tempting the knitting fates like an idiot)

So far so good, surprisingly. It's extra boring, since she groaned (really, she did)
at any and all attempts I made to spice it up a bit - a cute neckline? a stitch patttern? a border? Some color? Nope.

Mo-oh-om. Brown and plain! Why is that so hard to do?????
(if she was a knitter she'd know why.....)


Sarah Jackson said...

oh, that's a beautiful sweater Thea. Love it!

Sorry about all of that brown stockinette stitch....

Anonymous said...

Yup- that's gonna be like knitting for my daughter- I'm hoping she likes this tweed that's coming my way...

jenna said...

Golly, I love that yarn. Gorgeous! And I TOTALLY forgot the button holes when I knit this pattern, too!

Batty said...

Your sweater is beautiful!

I'm not looking at/reading about the drink, though, as I'm still finishing off my antibiotics. No drinking until they're out of my system.