Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are the days of summer.

And apparently, the skeins of Yorkshire Tweed in my stash.

Plugging through this second Drops here and realizing it's only going to take up half my bag of 10. This stuff's like bunnies. You think you've gotten rid of some,
but the numbers don't go down.

Seems the kind folks at Rowan give you 175 yards in each skein. How can an entire cardigan take less than 6 skeins?? Am thinking I don't need two sweaters of the same yarn - so will post the extras up on Rav when I'm done - or am open to any offers if you guys want to swap -- it's Plum. All the same dyelot. Am guessing I'll have 4, maybe 4.5 skeins left when the fat lady sings. (or puts her needles away)

I do love it - the deep purple is that perfect eggplant shade, and the flecks of hot pink and green are awesome and keep it kind of funky. Got some buttons all picked out to coordinate (surprise) - but they're kind of iridescent, so they don't photograph. Or maybe they would if only I could photograph them the right way? Whatever.

So if :
A. anyone's actually reading
B. anyone wants to swap something for about 700 yds of Aran weight Rowan Tweed

give me a shout.

Since Drops is Ginormous to carry around, I've been able to get going on the sock yarn mittens too. This yarn is a superwash merino - in shades of lavender, gray and light blue. So spongy and soft - knitting it up on #3s, and making the pattern as I go. Not always a good idea, but this isn't rocket science. They'll be simple mittens with a rounded kitchner top. --
that is, if I don't screw it up.

Of course, my favorite part. More buttons.
(Really, I have two stashes to tackle)

And, for later on today.

It's looking like some kind of tropical cocktail.

To remind me of the beach I'm apparently not getting to -- My kids are down in the yards with the neighbors' kids and they don't want to leave. Something about magic spells and hunting for lost things. I tried - I even offered beach AND ice cream hut on the way back.

No dice. So around 4, I'll just pretend I was in Mexico for the day with a pina colada.
And a heavy sweater.

Something wrong with that picture, huh?


Carol said...

Had to say that I'm loving the sock mittens. Now back to my research paper...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like just my daughter's color (mine too, but 700 yds may not be enough- so it'll have to be enough just to knit with it). So what would ya like? (besides a trip to the beach)

Thea said...

Hi Puff,

Give me an email and I can chat - am thinking maybe $25 incl shipping or if you have yarn to swap, I'm open. Lately I'm loving merinos, always love variegateds - most weights - most colors (except yellow and beiges, which I just can't wear)... I'm