Saturday, August 30, 2008

I know I acted like I might be ready to knit and blog again, but we took last week to squeeze in one more bit of summer before school starts and our attention turns back to fall type stuff.

A few days on the Cape.
I did bring the mittens. They enjoyed their day on the beach.

We also brought our friend Phillipine from Paris, who's spending a couple of weeks with us. She learned to knit on her visit here last summer - and look in her hands one year later!

A Phildar hoodie - her first sweater. She's been working dilligently the second sleeve and hood while hanging out. A true knitter, she keeps the project in her bag and whips it out wherever we stop. She's going to owe me big since this year, I introduced her to Ravelry.
She was amazed, soooo amazed! I'm also about to show her the beauty of circular needles, since hers are very long and metal - a pain to tote around.

Anywhow, finished mittens soon and the final Drops.
I've also begun a baby project for a new girl who's on her way....


Batty said...

Yay, Phillipine! That first sweater is looking good -- clearly, you have managed to corru... I mean, convert another person!