Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who wouldn't be distracted by these guys?

Anyone recognize them? My favorite is the dude with the cutoffs, sport socks and tee shirt that says Vegetarian. The guy behind him's pretty awesome too - with the gray pimp hat - and his shirt tells us his Grass is Blue. Yep, it is.

Hint: It's not a photo from my latest family reunion -
and nope, not a group of old boyfriends either.

However, i just might be running into some old boyfriends this weekend - we're about to go down to NJ for a big 40th birthday shindig. Thrown by friends who know me from both high school AND college. That's the real distraction this week - what to wear? It did require a couple fruitless shopping trips - and a sidebar at Sephora for some miracle wrinkle cream samples.
(Ever do that? They're great with the free samples)

I'm gonna look amazing for about 12 hours on Sat and by Sunday my whole face will collapse again, since I'm not about to fork out $100 for the actual bottles of magic cream)

In knitting, I'm plugging away. The back is done and I'm working on the neckline here. Some old sweaters I'm using for sizing are in the pile. There's still some stuff I haven't decided on and I do need to be in a more focused place, so it's sat a bit.

I'll get back to it next week. More immediately is the problem that I've planned poorly - 10 hours in a car and both my February Lady Sweater and this puppy are too big and complex for car knitting!! I'm at the sleeve piece on Feb Lady, so that's not about to happen in a car. If only I had gotten down to the regular lace repeats. Spilt milk, must move on.

So. I have an hour and a half left before I pick up Zoe -- I'm off upstairs to figure out some NEW project to tide me over as we zoom down 84 with my groovy buddies in the photo above

that's a big hint.


Hilary said...

LOL! That must be a band of some sort, though the idea that all your old boyfriends got together and took a photo is hilarious! Especially if they all dress like that.

Don't you hate when a project gets too big to take it places?! Seamless sweaters are great...until you can't fit them in your knitting bag. Boo.

Carol said...

Either the Doobie Brothers or the D&D boys.

Anonymous said...

Lynyrd Skynyrd of course!!! My fav!

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Don't you dislike when a venture gets too big to take it places?! Smooth sweatshirts are excellent...until you can't fit them in your sewing bag. Boo.
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