Monday, September 15, 2008

Soooo... I've been playing with lace and chunky yarn lately.

Here's a cowl I began out of some chunky cashmere (never mind that the 60 yards is turning out to be woefully inadequate and I'll have to frog the whole thing or call it a doll blanket).

It's got ribs and simple alternating lace. I love that each side is different, but both could be worn if you want. The yarn is soft and cozy and the project is taking all of about 2 hours. I also love that the pattern is a simple 4 row repeat and can be done anywhere at anytime without screwing it up.

Cool huh? This side got me thinking.

And this yarn got me thinking even more. It's a heathered alpaca merino mix, and yep, this puppy is a swatch for a new idea I had. It's all sketched out and ready to be knit, so tune back in soon. I'm hoping to have a flattering layering tee sweater - with a few cool details - in about 2 weeks (ha, but it's a goal, right?).

I would have gotten farther on this yesterday, but my old subwayknitting friend Colleen was in town, so I took off for the afternoon to meet up for a drink and a snack in downtown Boston. You don't have to ask me twice...

She had her finished Golden Vintage Cardigan with her, and it's gorgeous! She picked the most amazing color blue in the lovely drapey Provence yarn, and it suits her perfectly. I passed on a packet of buttons which may or may not end up working out.

In fact, it was on the subway to meet her that I got the swatch to where I wanted it to be, so maybe I have Colleen to thank for the progress, not to blame for the lack thereof? Honestly, I was so POd at the small cowl that I didn't want to knit it on the T, but since I was meeting my subwayknitter friend, I felt I had to grab something to work on and the blue skein was the right size, so yep, thanks C.

Either way, poor February will have to wait. I'm obsessed with my new muse.


Batty said...

That is lovely! Maybe you need to find yourself some more of that lovely cashmere and turn it into a neck cozy?

Anonymous said...

Well hurry up, would ya- can't wait to see it...

Hilary said...

Aw, too bad skeins of cashmere are always too low on the yardage. I'm loving the beginnings of that chunky cowl...any chance of getting a second skein?