Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling better now - thanks for all the wishes and sympathy - did anyone notice the bee sting spam comment, which I thought was pretty funny. Anyways...

Yet another non professional photo, I know. I do this stuff when the kids are not home, so I'm the only photographer around here, and my house is a little dark. Johanna sugggested a tripod, which would probably solve my problem and allow for some gorgeous sunlight outdoor shots, but honestly I'm a little too cheap and pressed for time to go through a lot of trouble here, so enjoy the dark fuzzy photography - which by the way, could hide a plethora of mistakes. Bonus.

But hey, photography aside, this is one cozy and awesome cowl. It is also mistake free. The easiest thing ever on #10s with a 4 row lace repeat. And a fun knit since the yarn is so yummy. I am going to write it up and post for free if any of you have some bulky soft stuff laying around - about 100/125 yds should do it.

I'm thinking I'm going to be making a few cowls in the next month or so.... They would make great christmas presents AND help me in depleting my slowly decreasing stash.

This cowl is off to my friend Cassie soon (Hence the name). I'm hearing a few "Ahas", aren't I? I like the way it sounded - and she named her little boy Theo, so now we're even.

Considering the warm weather out here, I have a little time before she actually needs it.

In other knitting news, the October lady sweater is swimming along again and that lovely blue cowly number is headed to the frog pond. I must do something else with the amazing yarn, but the sweater wasn't going to fly.

I did try and take in the sides, but after an afternoon in TJ Maxx with my sister (a huge What Not to Wear expert), I've realized that a loose fit requires trying on, not knitting and then seeing how it drapes. It would probably have been OK if I made it long, to avoid boxy, but really, some shapes just need to be eyeballed on the bod - and after trying on a few similar sweaters, it was amazing how small differences in each made a big old difference on me.

So, frog. But the lace pattern on the bottom is the same as what's going to be on the cowl pattern, so you can add the ribbing to anything you'd like if you were a fan.

anyways, thanks again for the wishes. I think my surgeon could use a few lessons on invisible seaming, but otherwise I'll be good as new in no time.
Cocktails will resume next week.


Sarah Jackson said...

just beautiful!!

Glad you're doing better.

sue said...

Nice to hear that your getting better. Nothing worse than feeling sick. I like the cowl. Perhaps I need to knit a few for Christmas pressies.

Not An Artist said...

Hi! I found your blog via your Cabled pattern on Ravelry.

I would suggest using a beanbag in lieu of tripod to take outdoor photos of yourself, I do this one often just because its easier to carry around and set up than a bulky tripod!

My ulterior motive is to see better-lit photos of your beautiful work... love the cowl!

Sarah said...

I am loving this pattern! I just cast on last night and I'm half way done my first one. I say "first" because there will be a second :)

BTW, does your camera have changeable EV meter settings? That's a quick and easy way to brighten shots taken in a dark room :)