Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've always considered myself a really lucky Stay at Home Mom, since I've managed to land in a a spot with a group of people that I'm very comfortable with. There's enough women here who seem to live as I do and raise their kids with the same basic values and attitudes as me, which is great. I've always felt like I have a good batch of friends here in my little town, and I'm totally appreciative.

That said, never has it been more apparent than in Zoe's latest birthday invitation.
I had to laugh when I opened it. ;-)

This particular mom is an old friend of mine from the days before babies, when we both worked in the same advertising agency and ended up at Grumpy's, the bar across the street, most nights. Have I stacked the deck a bit with this one? Maybe so, but I've never actually looked forward to staying at one of the kid parties, and this time I'm thinking it could be fun.

(PS - In taking about kids and values and attitudes, don't think this is it. I'm staying off my educational, political and social soapboxes in the spirit (:-)) of talking to you, my dear readers)

So, for the blog, we stay with the knits and cocktails, yes?
But in real life, I'm not shallow as a petri dish.

So, in regards to knits, a sock.

This is a second sock I'm doggedly trying to finish. I did the first one ages ago, and sent it to my Mom earlier this fall when she'd broken her foot. The joke there is that she will not sit still, no matter what her doc tells her - so if she only had ONE sock, she would have to keep the broken foot elevated and on the sofa.

I'm not so sure it worked, since she ended up bruising her heel in the cast from all the walking she wasn't supposed to do in her one sock.

Anyways, it's time to send the second sock, and would you all believe I cant' remember how to do the heel? How many socks have I knit? But in the year or so since I did my last one, I absolutely forgot how. One of the reasons this puppy has languished is that I was too stubborn to trot upstairs and get the sock book to refresh my memory.

But stubborn has morphed into acceptance, and since Feb Lady is way too big for travel,
the sock is getting finished.

As soon as I get up to the attic for that book.


Sarah Jackson said...

Oh, we always serve cocktails (or at least beer) to the parents at the kids' birthday parties. It's how we've gotten to know the neighborhood parents.

Have a great time at the party and good luck on finishing the sock. It's very purty.

Nell said...

That's an adorable invitation! Looks like a blast. You know, for 4 year olds!

elay said...

how are you?kiss,bys...........

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a party for the young and the old... although the older people will enjoy both offerings!!

elay said...

ı love your blog.your blog is very good!bys,elay

Hilary said...

Cupcakes and cocktails -- that is awesome. I hope to find similarly likeminded folks when I have kids!

The yarn you're using for those socks is a gorgeous color! Hope you find your motivation to grab that book! :)

PlumStitches said...

I want to go to THAT party!!