Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's not exactly knitting, but I had to make a trip to Micheals to work on these this week.

Maya's going to be a Zombie Bride for Halloween, so here's her bouquet.
(this was waaaay fun to pick out)

And for Zoe, who's going to be a tiger, an old Gap playsuit was taped up with masking tape and then sprayed with some black paint.

They had to be done early since there are parties and events this weekend that involve wearing costumes! (neither of which mention treats for the adults on the invites. Hmmmm)

There's knitting going on too, but I'm so close to being done, I've told myself I'll save the pics and post for tomorrow. Finished objects and brighter light for better photo taking, right? I have some button options to throw by you too, unless I make up my mind tonight.

I also have a cocktail idea to try this afternoon, and if it's good, I can share that too. Am going for something autumnal, maybe even warm. With cherry juice and cider and rum.
I know I'm looong overdue in the cocktail department, for which I send apologies. I just haven't felt like it. Which is weird, but true. I blame the frigging surgery - which is done now and healing right up. I was bummed to miss Rhinebeck, but that last weekend on my butt was a smart move. I'm walking around now and barely feeling a thing. I think it calls for a drink, don't you?


Hilary said...

That definitely calls for a drink! I can't wait to see what you've concocted -- cherry juice, cider, rum...mmm...

Your kids' costumes are going to be adorable!

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask if you had a special Halloween /Fall cocktail in mind.
Please share

I love your site BTW.

Annette in CA