Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yep, another finished February Lady Sweater.

This one was knit completely off gauge, in Sublime Merino DK. Almost frogged since I was convinced it would fit only Maya, but lace and garter stitch like it when you block the crap out of them, and now it fits just fine.

The Sublime Merino is soft and clingy and drapey, which feels amazing and works great in a sweater like this as long as I'm buttoned up. I decide to unbutton, I lose all shape here and the flaps hang heavy and off to the side. Someday I'll learn my yarn sub lessons. In the meantime, I used up 7 out of 10 skeins on this, so I have enough left for some sort of amazingly soft and cozy gray scarf. I loved working with this yarn and would definitely do it again - although I might use a pattern intended for it next time :-)

As for buttons, I decided not to gild the lily. This sweater has a lot going on, so after trying out a ton of different options, I went with these. By keeping it simple, I'm hoping this can be more of a basic item that could go with a lot of different things.

I think I might take a break from garments for a while and concentrate on things without fit and gauge and other issues. I have a few smaller projects going that could use a little loving.

And it's time to get back to the cocktails, isn't it?

We decided to play with cherry juice that I'd bought at Trader Joe's by accident. I meant to get cherry cider, which is sweet and tasty by itself. This stuff has got a tartness to it, so it needs a little balance. This worked out just fine - and although I drank it cold, I'm thinking it could be really tasty warmed up a bit on a snowy day....

1/2 cup of apple cider
1/4 more of cherry juice
a shot of cointreau
a double shot of rum

We were bored, so we came up with an option #2 as well.

1/2 glass cherry juice
1/4 tonic
shot of simple syrup (more if you want more sweet)
shot of rum
squirt of lime

(this one, don't warm up)



Corwink said...

What do you mean "another"?! Sheesh I need to get started on mine. I love the color! Blocking is the cure for everything....I am convinced.

Sarah Jackson said...

Beautiful! I love love love it.

Hilary said...

That looks great! My FLS stretched several inches when I blocked it. That particular lace pattern seems to really like to grow! I like your button choices, too. The sweater will definitely be a wardrobe staple.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that sweater!

sue said...

I love the color of your FLS, how beautiful and I think the buttons are perfect too.

Sharon said...

I love it! (the sweater and the drink that is). I really how the FLS looks in subtle colors too.

lindseyrose said...

Beautiful color of your FLS! And thanks for the fall themed drinks!!

cassie said...

thee- this one is awsome...haven't checked the blog in a while - seems you've been busy! hope to see you soon.