Saturday, November 29, 2008

Between the weekend away (mmmm..), secret gifts, Thanksgiving and general distraction, there's not so much knitting I can show to you right now. But here's my tweed Rowan vest, which has been patiently sitting around in the background, waiting for some love. I'm working my way up the second front, and every time I do pick it up, I'm in love with the Kathmandu all over again.

However, I've lengthened the sweater to a below the hip vest and I'm going to run out of yarn soon, so I need to find some more in a little bit if it's ever going to be done. Of course, my colorway's discontinued. Figures. But I have faith in the internet :-)

Here's a little not secret gift - Lorna's laces and a soft yellow merino that matched - for someone who has no idea about the world of blogs. I'd made a hat for her out of this same skein last year, so this year she gets matching fingerless gloves. And, I get two less half skeins in the stash.

I also just completed that lovely intarsia vines hat, Flora, from Ravelry for another friend, but I gave it to her before ever photographing it - it's cold this weekend and she was traveling to rural PA, so I thought she could use it. Two more skeins down.

As for cocktails, part of our Cooking Class Weekend Away was cocktail class (who knew?)
We hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday and served these with the appetizers.

Northern Lights

half glass chilled champagne
1 oz pear nectar
2 tsp cassis liqueur

Very festive!

Also, on the subject of the weekend cooking and cocktail class, guess what kind of shop was right next door to the classroom kitchen? Kismet, I tell you. Probably the only LYS for miles, and it was right there - my husband couldn't believe it. I'd promised no knitting stores, no extra trips out of the way to find yarn, nothing. But it was right next door.

So, during the break, I popped over for a sec (ok, 15 mins) and was rewarded with the ONLY copy of the Debbie Bliss Fall Magazine left in the entire New England area. Trust me, I've been looking. Woo hoo.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Here's what I've been working on the past few nights. Extra inches of ribbing on the Cambridge Cardigan my boy's been wearing for the past few years. Seems the length just wasn't sitting right for His Nibs. After two years. (Some of you are noticing a Man Behavioral Pattern here and remembering a certain Debbie Bliss Incident a few years back)

Anyways, here's a happy boy, with his newly augmented sweater. I was afraid the ribs would change the look of the cardigan, but in the end, this was a painless way to make him happy.

I had a few extra skeinlets floating around from the original (is that a word? I'm thinking it should be..) so I was happy to go back and play with the stash too. (!!)

You can see how little he'd been wearing it -- it has FOLD MARKS from being on the shelf!

But anyways, he's happy now - and he's taking me away for the weekend, to an amazing inn in Maine, so he did deserve his little sweater fix, didn't he? I just have to figure out what small project I'm taking with me...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maya covets.

Until she goes upstairs and designs her own version.
Babycable and rib border, leftover Whiskey from her hoodie, and two embroidered hearts.

Now everyone's happy - I'm even down another stray skein.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here's where we ended up. I did do a few knitted petals, but it seemed too serious all in gray.

So instead, we found the leftover Koigu baggie.

It's a little nutty. But I definitely had fun letting the cables and bobbles do their thing and embroidering on some loopy petals with leftover bits of yarn. The cables without flowers go all the way up to the top and meet at the little hole.

Kind of funky. But honestly, it's kind of 5 year old nirvana.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Emboldened by my newfound bobble and cable practice and inspired by the gorgeous red Sylvi jacket on Twist, I found myself playing with a skein of gray cashmere that had been growing old in the stash trunk for a few years. I needed a little freefrom knitting after following the Rowan pattern so diligently and I was soooo loving the wandering vines on Sylvi that this hat just kind of evolved into..

whatever it's evolving into. It was just too fun to weave some random ribs up the hat and make them wave around. I've stuck a lace leaf on one, a few bobbles on another, and might try to knit up a few petals for one. Like I said, not sure how it's going to turn out, but it sure is fun to knit. And I'm thinking Zoe will wear it no matter what.

After all, it's cashmere, and even at five, a girl can recognize the good stuff...

Adding to the mystery here is the fact I'll be finishing it up with Carol and Sara and a few drinks and a few kids. This particular bottle is for Carol's birthday just past (fuzzy photo on purpose since she knows wine is arriving, but not what kind..) sneaky, huh?

And although poor Paley sits unloved upstairs, this photo has been taunting me downstairs. It's the other reason I've been playing with cables. I have my trusty stichonaries and both of the Barbara Walkers out on the kitchen chopping block.

So we'll see what comes after the Rowan gets done, but it's not really looking like Paley yet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This isn't it.

Poor Paley will have to wait. The yarn's all piled and ready to go,
but I'm not putting this down for a while. Kathmandu Aran and Cables.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

half stash? Probably not, but it's feeling like it.

Finishing this puppy puts me at three major bags down - big bags of chunky yarn I've had for ages. Feels good. It also doesn't hurt that I LOVE this sweater. Love, love love. It knit up fast and really looks great (if I do say so myself...) From the Rowan Studio booklet #8.

It doesn't have buttons, but fastens with a little pin at the collar, and comes down about to the waist. I have a few vintage pins I tried it on with, and it laid perfectly. Guess I should use the intended yarn for a pattern more often :-)

Ah well, I didn't block since I love the rustic feel of this tweed - it's lovely and almost stiff, but not scratchy. Now onto the next bag (I have 3 left). I'm going to play with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a jade green - and I'm going back to the design table for this one.

But in case I get frustrated, I'm also going to cast on for Norah Gaughan's Paley at the same time. Seems like an awesome design to use up a bunch of half skeins as well as a big bag of cream worsted - don't you think?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

338 to 142. Don't see the popular vote numbers right now, but my faith is restored in the American public. What a night!

Obama's amazing - Not only what he stands for and what he hopes to do, but how long since a politician stood up there with grace and poise and actual humility? His speech was perfect. I can't wait to see who he adds to the cabinet today.

Even to a cynical liberal, it doesn't feel like politics as usual, it feels like an untarnished, fairer beginning.

Also - how cool was Michelle's dress?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Still playing with the cherry juice, and not finding any new and exciting recipes that work. This began as a martini, evolved into a gin/cassis/cherry martini and finally worked out with tonic and lime, but really.. not worth sharing with you all. Instead, the leftover juice found its way into a chicken recipe last night. And that was way better than the martini idea, trust me.
A miss. Eeeew.

Tonight, I'll stick with good old fashioned beer to calm my liberal nerves.
I'll need something guaranteed to satisfy. Can you believe how close this race is??

On the other hand (other compared to the martini, not the beer), this pattern and this yarn has turned out to be a dark horse hit. I began it only because I had the yarn really, but I think it could turn out to be a favorite knit. So quick and easy, all I have left to do is the cable band for the edging - it's already seamed up and ready to be finalized while I hang out and watch the returns tonight. Maybe that gauge thing isn't a huge scam after all..

And really, even if I didn't love the pattern, how could I not love this heavy tweedy purple?

PS. Has anyone seen Snorka's amazing Vintage Cardigan? I might like it better than the orginal. Shows how important a good photo shoot is!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

One tiger.

And one Zombie Bride, in character.