Wednesday, November 05, 2008

338 to 142. Don't see the popular vote numbers right now, but my faith is restored in the American public. What a night!

Obama's amazing - Not only what he stands for and what he hopes to do, but how long since a politician stood up there with grace and poise and actual humility? His speech was perfect. I can't wait to see who he adds to the cabinet today.

Even to a cynical liberal, it doesn't feel like politics as usual, it feels like an untarnished, fairer beginning.

Also - how cool was Michelle's dress?


Anonymous said...

I slept very well last night- full of hope for the future. It was a beautiful speech.

(yes, that was a fantastic dress)

Holli said...

Hey! Thanks for your nice comment on my Portland Brimmed hat on my blog. I couldn't find a way to email you back, so thought I'd leave a comment on your blog (which I will RSS feed as well, so I can stay in touch).

So, the hat pattern came from ravelry. Due to your question I put a link to the hat on my blog, along with the materials I used, etc. Here is the link for you: // It was a totally easy knit -- took just one skein of yarn and is totally cute. Don't spend money at Limited Too (for bling)...whip one up yourself -- and then post photos on your blog.

Take Care,

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