Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Still playing with the cherry juice, and not finding any new and exciting recipes that work. This began as a martini, evolved into a gin/cassis/cherry martini and finally worked out with tonic and lime, but really.. not worth sharing with you all. Instead, the leftover juice found its way into a chicken recipe last night. And that was way better than the martini idea, trust me.
A miss. Eeeew.

Tonight, I'll stick with good old fashioned beer to calm my liberal nerves.
I'll need something guaranteed to satisfy. Can you believe how close this race is??

On the other hand (other compared to the martini, not the beer), this pattern and this yarn has turned out to be a dark horse hit. I began it only because I had the yarn really, but I think it could turn out to be a favorite knit. So quick and easy, all I have left to do is the cable band for the edging - it's already seamed up and ready to be finalized while I hang out and watch the returns tonight. Maybe that gauge thing isn't a huge scam after all..

And really, even if I didn't love the pattern, how could I not love this heavy tweedy purple?

PS. Has anyone seen Snorka's amazing Vintage Cardigan? I might like it better than the orginal. Shows how important a good photo shoot is!


Nell said...

Tweedy purple is lovely. And I hear you on the drinks tonight... I'm a little more nervous than I thought I'd need to be.

M. Bradley said...

I have been mixing with CherryPharm as the cherry juice (not exactly their "health" proposition, but hey - the taste is amazing) - it goes way better than the burnt taste you get from those concentrated cherry juices you have - like I see in your photo.
Roches with rum - rocks with vodka - actially with just about anything... even drop a shot of the CherryPharm in a Heffaweisen - you got yourself an untouchably good cherry-wheat brew!

Thea said...

hmmm. never heard of the stuff, but maybe I should check it out....