Saturday, November 29, 2008

Between the weekend away (mmmm..), secret gifts, Thanksgiving and general distraction, there's not so much knitting I can show to you right now. But here's my tweed Rowan vest, which has been patiently sitting around in the background, waiting for some love. I'm working my way up the second front, and every time I do pick it up, I'm in love with the Kathmandu all over again.

However, I've lengthened the sweater to a below the hip vest and I'm going to run out of yarn soon, so I need to find some more in a little bit if it's ever going to be done. Of course, my colorway's discontinued. Figures. But I have faith in the internet :-)

Here's a little not secret gift - Lorna's laces and a soft yellow merino that matched - for someone who has no idea about the world of blogs. I'd made a hat for her out of this same skein last year, so this year she gets matching fingerless gloves. And, I get two less half skeins in the stash.

I also just completed that lovely intarsia vines hat, Flora, from Ravelry for another friend, but I gave it to her before ever photographing it - it's cold this weekend and she was traveling to rural PA, so I thought she could use it. Two more skeins down.

As for cocktails, part of our Cooking Class Weekend Away was cocktail class (who knew?)
We hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday and served these with the appetizers.

Northern Lights

half glass chilled champagne
1 oz pear nectar
2 tsp cassis liqueur

Very festive!

Also, on the subject of the weekend cooking and cocktail class, guess what kind of shop was right next door to the classroom kitchen? Kismet, I tell you. Probably the only LYS for miles, and it was right there - my husband couldn't believe it. I'd promised no knitting stores, no extra trips out of the way to find yarn, nothing. But it was right next door.

So, during the break, I popped over for a sec (ok, 15 mins) and was rewarded with the ONLY copy of the Debbie Bliss Fall Magazine left in the entire New England area. Trust me, I've been looking. Woo hoo.


Nell said...

Ahhh... That is definitely fate!

Carol said...

Total serendipity. Means you'll find the other yarn too! Love the cocktail recipe - will have to try after Monday.

Holli said...

What luck! Sounds like your weekend away was perfect in every way. The cocktail looks yummy...and I made a pair of fingerless gloves this weekend too.

Hilary said...

Mmmm...I could use one of those Northern Lights right now!

I'm loving your tweed vest -- have to say "mmmm" to the tweed, too!

Batty said...

Northern lights, you say? Mmmm, sounds like heaven to me!

Naturline said...

Eu era muito agradável sentir saudade de muita diversão em seu blog recebeu uma calorosa saudação.

Tink said...

Hey... You ARE in need of SOUTHERN LIGHTS... Knitini Belize is perfect for you... you got your fiber, you got your cocktails, you got your pals, warm turquoise water... What more could you ask for? oh yeah... food!