Monday, December 29, 2008

Its been a fairly knitless vacation on the FO front, but I did manage to get a few small things done. These cowls are amazing for using up stray skeins, fitting in small bags and giving as quick gifts. I'm so hooked. Have three more planned :-)

The top one is the spiral cowl with eyelet edges from Ravelry whose designer and proper name I can't remember. It's actually a bit wide - and meant to be that way for the button closure - but if I make it again, I think I'll do a little narrower version. However, this design gave me a reason to match my cowl perfectly with my mittens and use another vintage button.

Now I look all coordinated out in the world. See?

(I know it would have been a perfect gift, but I wanted it!)

However, this second one is a gift - a couple rows of garter stitch, one repeat of YO/K2tog eyelets and then, ribs. I used one skein of the Mirasol Hacho merino, which is perfectly suited for neckwear - soft and cushy. Old friends from SF are coming to spend a couple of days here for New Year's (in front of the cozy Drawn On Fireplace) and this is for my friend, who's got very light hair and coloring. I think the pinks will be great on her.

In other knitting news, the white eyelet coat sweater thing is very close to being seamed up.
I'm working out the sizing by comparing it to my new favorite sweater which I got at the after Christmas sales last week.

(Segway into Huge Cashmere Bargain)

A new adventure this year for my 9 year old Maya and I was the early morning trip to the mall on the 26th. I know, it's a sad commentary on American society, but it's so fun.
Bargains, lunch, girltime. We had a blast.

AND they were practically giving stuff away. Even though, when I saw the $400 thigh length Aran weight heather gray belted cardigan with big cozy collar for $79, I was doubtful.

I had to double check with the sales chick. And she had to double check with some manager. Turns out it wasn't an illusion. I had found it in my size and on super duper sale. And I had all kinds of extra Lord and Taylor wheels and deals too. Unfortunately they didn't let me apply my additional 20% off coupon and the $15 cash card I'd been handed in lingerie, which would have brought the grand total down to about what? $50? See that small print? Says cashmere.

But hey, at $79 -- couldn't have even bought the yarn.

It would have been a lot of yarn. Comes down almost to my knees, big collar, long belt. I'm thinking many skeins. 19? Definitely 19 or 20. And it's CASHMERE.

Anyways Happy Holidays - I hope yours are full of yarn and bargains and friends and family.


Holli said...

Wow!! That is an amazing sale -- don't you love it. And, I'm loving your cowl and gloves -- what a beautiful pair.


Anonymous said...

Love the cowl and gloves set. (are you at all tempted to unravel all that cashmere?)

Nell said...

Wow! That's an amazing deal. And you are a real knitter since you compared it to the price of yarn!

LilKnitter said...

Seriously impressive deal on that sweater! Wow!

sue said...

The sale sounds like it was a deal. Score of the year for you too. Love the cowl that matches your set. The pink one looks quite nice too. I really should take a look at those patterns and knit one for my sister who always feels the cold.

Yarn mom of 8 said...

Two days before Christmas I bought a dress shirt for my husband. It originally was 34.00, it was on sale. When they rang it up at the cash register it rang up for less and they let me apply a $10 cash coupon to the purchase. I paid a grand total of 9 cents for the shirt. I made a comment that it felt like stealing and clerk laughed at me. No wonder retailers are hurting!